Are More Americans Starting to Use Credit Cards Again?

by April Lewis-Parks People have had a tumultuous relationship with credit cards since the recession. A sizable percentage of Americans struggling with unemployment and financial shortfalls were forced to rely on plastic and racked up significant credit card debt to meet their daily needs. Others shunned credit cards in favor of cash and debit cards, […]

Feng Shui Your Home on a Budget

It’s the start of a new year, and what better way to begin 2012 than with a newly decorated home? Your home is your personal space and decorating it to your tastes and style can provide you more comfort and a fresh attitude as the year kicks off. Redecorating your home doesn’t have to involve […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of Consolidated Credit’s 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest

Click Here to View the 1st Place Winner Story. Click Here to View the 2nd Place Winner’s Story. Click Here to View the 3rd Place Winner’s Story.

Have You Been Scammed? 6 Essential Resources to Fight Back

As of July 2011, over 80,000 Americans have reported suspicious and fraudulent activity concerning mortgage scams.  The FBI has estimated more than $3.2 billion has been lost to scam artists.  If you actually sit back and look at the numbers, it’s astonishing how many Americans have been victimized by some sort of fraud, particularly over the […]

Enter Consolidated Credit’s 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest

Are you a client of Consolidated Credit?  Then you should enter their 15th Annual  Holiday Story Contest! The holidays are about giving and being thankful.  Consolidated Credit staff members are very thankful to all of their clients and would like to show their appreciation by holding the 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest. Consolidated Credit wants […]

5 Frugal Gifts to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a boyfriend, husband, best friend or family member, you can show them how much you appreciate and love them this Valentine’s Day without over spending.   Money issues can be key factors to problems in relationships of all kinds, so buy your loved ones a Valentine’s Day gift this year that will not […]

Interactive Budgeting Worksheets

Building your Budget A budget allows you to keep track of how much money you have, how much you’re taking in, and how much you’re spending so that you can plan ahead. It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty simple and the results are worth it. By spending just a […]