Retirement Resolutions for Boomers

Most Americans usher in the New Year with champagne. And sometime after (or before) the bubblies, come the New Year’s resolutions to either save more, lose weight, or quit a vice like smoking. The tradition is no different for Boomers, but Carl Edwards a Chartered Financial Consultant say their resolutions should include implementing these three vital […]

Expecting an Inheritance? 3 Tips to avoid wasting sudden wealth

$177,000! That’s the average amount an American is expected to inherit according to HSBC Holdings, a banking company. The cliche “easy come, easy go,” should never apply to an inheritance, but often does. Studies show heirs lose, spend or donate half of their inheritance. Although you didn’t work for it, bear in mind that Aunt Tilly or Grandpa Tom probably worked really hard to amass the wealth they have passed on to you. […]

Retiring out of state is within your reach
3 Tips for Retiring Out of State to Save Money
if you have big plans to pick up roots and move after retirement, realize it could cost you if you don't plan carefully for retiring out of state.
Key retirement account deadlines you can't afford to miss
Don’t Miss These Year-End Retirement Account Deadlines
Miss Money Bee helps ensure your retirement plan stays on the right track with key retirement account deadlines you need to know for this year.
Keep Fido away from the Thanksgiving dinner table, save a trip to the vet

Humans salivate over the slightest smell of food. For dogs with a much keener sense of smell, it must be torture. While humans can stop the drooling by indulging, Fido can’t.  Certain foods are very harmful to your dogs and can trigger gastrointestinal infections and canine pancreatitis. So instead of passing your mother-in laws pumpkin […]

Think you love Green Bean Casserole? Not more than Kentuckians

Thirty million green bean casseroles! That’s the number expected to grace the tables of Americans across the country this Thanksgiving. Del Monte – distributor and marketer of green beans asked 1,500 Americans how fond they are of the “Classic” green-bean casserole side dish. Who loves it the most?  Kentucky, where 78 percent of residents “really […]

The Buzz on Black Friday Deals and Steals

BThe holidays are here which means giving, receiving and spending. With Black Friday just over a week away,  and with ads coming at you from all directions, we figure we’d help you sift them out a little. Louis Ramirez, senior feature writer at have compiled the Best Black Friday Ads so far to save […]

Moms in the workforce (and dads) struggle to find balance
Moms in the Workforce: How to balance work, home and the kids
Striking the right work-life balance can be tough, but moms in the workforce can take these steps to find balance without letting anything slide.
Gain financial success in spite of limited means
How to Gain Financial Success Even When Money is Scarce
You might feel limited by a tight budget, but with the right strategy you can gain financial success even when money is scarce. Here's how you get ahead.
Seniors take action to stay healthy
Do the Elderly Have to be Wealthy to Stay Healthy?
Healthcare costs for seniors are on the rise, but with fixed incomes Baby Boomers are having to find new ways to stay healthy without being wealthy.
Online College Stores Charge 35% More for Laptops

Buying your laptop on campus can cost you more than your typical back-to-school sale. To save money, compare prices and look for deals outside your campus. Campus bookstores are renowned for their price gouging, but it turns out textbooks aren’t the only items they sell at a premium. We looked at the online bookstores of six […]

401(k) mistakes could put your retirement at risk
Four 401(k) Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
Saving for retirement is key but if you make one of these 401(k) mistakes then you could setyour retirement plans back from reaching your golden years.
College graduates less likely to be trapped by credit card debt

By Kelly Dilworth If you’re thinking about skipping college in order to avoid becoming saddled with too much debt, you may want to think twice about your decision. College graduates not only earn substantially more over the course of their lifetimes. They’re also much less likely to become mired in high-interest credit card debt, according […]

DIY Thursdays: Simple Dessert Recipes to Add a Special Touch to your Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend is a few days away. Add these simple, inexpensive desserts to your menu this holiday to keep your family and friends talking. Watermelon Cake   This cakes takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to prepare and serves 16 people. Ingredients 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of miniature semisweet chocolate chips 1 […]

Scam Alert — Facebook Shutdown Con is Back, Again

By Better Business Bureau Some scams just won’t die. The Facebook shutdown scam is the perfect example.As long as people keep falling for it, it will keep coming back. Don’t let the scam fool you this time… or in a few months when it pops up again. How the Scam Works: You are on Facebook, […]

Don’t Expect a Big Raise This Year: Ask for These Perks Instead

By Jeffrey Strain Getting a raise at work continues to be difficult, and it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be any easier in the next few years. According to the April edition of the quarterly survey from the National Association of Business Economics (NABE), nearly 80% of the seventy-two businesses which participated in the […]

A great bridal shower on a budget
DIY Thursdays: Create a Simple, Elegant Bridal Shower
The cost of your bridal shower can get outrageous. Miss Money Bee is here with some do-it-yourself decorating and party planning ideas so you can cut costs.
Fun, Cheap and Effective Methods of Growing Your Business

By Vanessa Contributor: Don’t believe what a lot of the marketing gurus and “experts” tell you about how much cash it takes to actually build your business – because although there are some very expensive marketing methods which do get the results there are also plenty of inexpensive things you can do to assist […]

DIY and how to save money at Home Depot
12 Ways to Save Money at Home Depot
Home Depot is a great place to shop to avoid paying a contractor, But you have to be savvy if you really want to save money at Home Depot with DIY.
Go Ahead and Be a Sellout

By Jennifer Derrick A long time ago I had high artistic ideals. I wanted my work to change the world, to bring awareness to important issues, and to be “great.” That lasted until I was out of college. That’s when I realized that I had to eat, pay rent, and fill up my gas tank. […]