Infographic: Secrets to Successful Retirement
Want to enjoy your golden years? We are spilling 8 secrets from those retirement now to help you avoid regret and achieve success.
Tiny houses: big rewards, bigger challenges
Big Leap to a Tiny House Lifestyle
Downsizing to a tiny house may save money over time, but the upfront costs and restrictions in location can present sizable challenges for most families.
Have a dream wedding on a budget
The Perfect Wedding on a Budget – Economical and Elegant
You might think you can’t have your dream wedding on a budget, but with a little planning and the help of your friends, you can cut costs significantly.
The Best Ways to Save Over 4th of July Weekend
Don't let 4th of July party plans blow up your in your face when it comes to your budget! We have the best ways to save over the holiday weekend.
Introduce Your Kids To The Family Business This Summer

If you own a business and have kids, hire them for the summer. Not only will it keep them occupied, it is a perfect opportunity to integrate them into the family business. Henry Hutcheson, president of Family Business USA outlines the valuable lessons they will learn.

Which financial expert would you choose?
Are You Biased When Choosing Financial Experts?
A study finds people often choose a financial expert based solely on appearance, but this could be bad for your budget and your retirement goals.
Deals On BBQ Spices For Dad
Dads and grilling just go together, so in honor of Father's Day and the start of summer, we're featuring deals on BBQ spices that you can't afford to miss.
Ask your questions to a housing counselor
4 Reasons You Need a Housing Counselor
Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a homeowner who needs to avoid foreclosure a HUD-certified housing counselor should be your best friend.
Explaining The Small Business Failure Rate
80 percent of small businesses fail in the first 18 months. We explore the small business failure rate and how you can get around it to succeed.
Books to Briefcase Infographic for College Grads

Graduation season is upon us which means scores of grads across the country will be entering the workforce. This Books to Briefcase Infographic offers tips to help these young professionals make the transition from classroom to boardroom as they move toward financial independence.

You can save money without going crazy with extreme couponing
Extreme Couponing Isn’t All That Extreme
You may think you have to go crazy with extreme couponing if you really want to save money, but the truth is you can get great deals without getting crazy.
Things Often Missed In Financial Planning
Getting professional help can go a long way in helping you reach your long-term financial goals, but some issues are often missed in financial planning.
April: Spring Clean Your Home and Finances
It's time to clean out the financial clutter! Learn helpful ways you can spring clean your finances along with your home as you dust off the winter grime.
Leo saves you money on Earth Day
Leonardo DiCaprio is saving the earth and your money
Leonardo Dicaprio is saving the earth and your money for Earth Day this year. This infographic shows you how to save some green by going green.
Baby Boomers And Millennials May Share More Similarities In Workplace Than They Realize
Boomers and Millennials are often portrayed as not seeing eye to eye, but they may share more workplace sensibilities than most workers realize.
How to Factor a F#@! Off Fund into Your Budget
You know you need an emergency fund if you want to make the moves you want in life, but how do you establish your financial safety net on a limited budget?
Why Women Are Better Investors Than Men
Women get a bad rap when it comes to investing, but there are some ways that women are better investors than. Here's how women are investing effectively.
Are You Overlooking These Tax Tips?
It’s tax time once again, which means it’s also tax refund season. These tax tips from Mark Chandik can help you maximize your refund and avoid audits.
23 Credit Cards Almost Cost Diane Her Marriage
Money problems caused by credit cards are a leading causes of divorce. Consolidated Credit helped Diane regain control of both her debt and marriage.
How to Make the Most of Holiday Returns
There's a right way and a wrong way to take care of holiday returns if you received items you're not exactly thrilled with. We detail the right way.