Valentine’s Day Infographic

Avoiding Cupid’s Painful Arrow in Valentine Gift Buying Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the ones you love, but are you putting yourself into debt to do it? Consolidated Credit looks at Valentine’s Day spending trends to see who consumers are buying for and what they’re giving. Learn how much the most popular Valentine’s […]

4 Signs Your Finances Are in Trouble

We all have months where our finances may be stretched a little thin and it’s challenging to stay within our budgets, but there is a big difference between pinching pennies and entering into a dangerous money situation where your personal finances may be in trouble. Recognizing that you are headed down a rocky financial road […]

Planning Valentine’s Day on a Budget

TV commercials and marketing pitches make Valentine’s Day seem like you have to spend hundreds of dollars! From expensive jewelry to lavish dinners, the message is “love is going to really cost you.” Of course while an extravagant Valentine’s Day may make your honey happy at the time, the following month when the credit card […]

February Financial Tips
6 Fabulous February Financial Tips
Leap year means February is a longer month. These six fabulous February financial tips can help you save money and avoid debt this month.
Top 3 Budget Blunders – And How to Work Around Them

Creating a budget is one of the most common and popular ways to save money, eliminate your debt, and plan ahead for that adventurous vacation you are organizing, but sometimes, planning every single expense, down to your last latte, can backfire. Maintaining a strict budget is a great way to cut out discretionary purchases, track […]

Find happiness without getting into debt

Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful house… what about a big raise or a brand-new car? But does having more material things make us happier? A behavioral psychology study found that more money is not the key to happiness. The study revealed that high incomes may bring greater life satisfaction, but not happiness. According […]

Organize Your Finances in 3 Easy Steps

Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys going through mountains of paperwork and deciphering what’s what, but the sense of accomplishment alone is enough to make you set aside a few hours to organize your retirement statements, health insurance paperwork and the rest of your financial statements. Keeping your financial records organized has a number […]

2011 Debit Fees Were Shut Down, But What Other Charges Are to Come in 2012? Tips to Prevent Your Bank from Taking Advantage of You

Remember the bad publicity that Bank of America and several other major banking institutions inflicted on themselves in late 2011 when they announced a new $5.00 monthly checking/debit card fee?  Well, after several nationwide protests from angry customers, BOA caved and retracted their monthly debit fee agenda. The reason financial institutions are looking for new […]

Threatened by debt collectors? Four tips to fight back

Have you ever been contacted by debt collectors who said they were on their way to arrest you? This is one of the threatening messages that debt collectors use to intimidate people. If you have received these kinds of calls, you are not alone. Through Dec. 8 of this year, 164,361 consumers have reported debt-collection-related […]

Three easy tips to establishing a budget

Financial health is one of the most popular goals people tackle in January, but by February and March, many new financial plans have lost their momentum and many people fall back into a money rut. Budgeting can be a great tool to managing your income and planning ahead, but when it comes to sitting down […]

Economic growth improves, but don’t rush to the mall yet

As the U.S. economy shows signs of recovery, you might feel it’s time to swipe your credit cards again in all your favorite stores, but not so fast… Even though the economy has grown, permanent hiring remains stagnate and the housing market has not improved. The Federal Reserve reports that consumer borrowing in the U.S. […]

4 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips for Someone on a Budget

When you’re strapped for cash, it seems the only affordable items in the grocery store are Hot Pockets and Ramen noodles. And unfortunately, many young people end up purchasing low-cost, high-fat processed meals that benefit their wallets but jeopardize their health. The truth is grocery shopping on a budget doesn’t exclude you from purchasing the […]

Four smart financial moves to make in 2012

Financial resolutions are pretty standard in today’s economic climate and strengthening your financial position is a lifelong goal that that never goes out of style. Becoming financially fit takes times, energy and resilience. But if you visualize your goals each time you make a financial decision – and ask yourself whether this transaction will help […]

1st Place Winner of Consolidated Credit’s 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest

If I could tell you on how Consolidated Credit has effected my life, I could write a book; But to make a long story short here it is: Coming out of a relationship and with five children, I found myself getting deeper and deeper into credit card debt. After ten years, I have built a […]

2nd Place Winner of Consolidated Credit’s 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest

When it comes to Consolidated credit, they are the BEST! I was drowning in debt and ready to file for bankruptcy with a credit score of over 700 until I found them. I hated the idea of ruining my credit and then a friend told me that he used Consolidated Credit to pay off his […]

3rd Place Winner of Consolidated Credit’s 15th Annual Holiday Story Contest

In early 2007, I had my daughter shortly thereafter my husband and I were married.  We soon found out we were expecting another baby due to arrive at the beginning of 2008.  With baby #2 on the way, the expenses from the wedding and having a new baby to care for, our bills began to […]

7 Year-End Tax Tips: How You Can Save Money

Even though you usually think of April has tax time, the reality is you can prepare and save all year long. Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about the amount you’re going to pay to dear old Uncle Sam! 2011 is coming to an end and you need to take a look and to […]

Panic Sets in and People Spend on Impulse… The Countdown has Begun!

What do you have left on your shopping list?  A survey from the National Retail Federation found that most people still had half of their shopping to do, and 37% hadn’t even started. Less than 10% were finished, so it’s safe to say many of us are procrastinators. Debt problems can be very stressful and […]

Keeping You in The Know: Balance Transfer Day

With the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement spreading to major cities all over the country, mass protests have ensued with a primary aim at major financial institutions.  Many of you may recall ‘Bank Transfer Day’ which prompted consumers to close their checking accounts and switch to a smaller bank or credit union.  According […]

5 Biggest Myths About Retirement

Planning for retirement can be extremely difficult, especially with all the myths surrounding what is needed for a comfortable lifestyle. There is no question the transition into retirement can be complicated, however if you’re smart and plan accordingly, it can be easy. The biggest obstacle to avoid is getting caught up in the falsities about […]