Debt seems inevitable these days, but how you deal with it can make all the difference. We will discuss different types of debt, solutions and how to avoid getting stung in a debt trap.

When Forced Early Retirement Ends in Debt Problems
When Wanda was forced into early retirement, she was still holding $50,000 in credit card debt. See how Consolidated Credit helped her eliminate her debt.
When Compassion and Altruism Ends in Debt
Margaret had a giving heart, but giving to others was bad for her budget. When altruism ends in debt, it's time to adjust your habits and stop charging.
Your Child Could Be Heading Toward Financial Failure If…

Guest post by Gregg Murset. If you haven’t heard the famous stand-up comedy routine of Jeff Foxworthy I would suggest taking a few minutes to pull some one-liners up on the Internet before reading the rest of this piece. Foxworthy has worked extremely hard building a successful career by making jokes about real-life situations, as […]

10 tips for dealing with debt collectors, collection

By Fred O. Williams It’s something most consumers dread — a debt collector calling to ask about an unpaid credit card debt, past due student loan or medical debt. Consumer credit counselors, debt collectors and state regulators all agree that ignoring debt collectors’ letters and phone calls is a bad idea. Deal with it, they […]

Save big on your tax refund this year
Tax Refund: 5 Good vs. Better Ways to Use It
If you're receiving a tax refund this year, we have some suggestions on how you can use your refund to advance your financial outlook instead of wasting it.
Risk, Like Beauty, Is In the Eye of the Beholder: How to assess your own risk level

By Tim McCarthy It always has amazed me how differently people think about what is risky vs. what is safe. Some international investors find currency trading not so risky; yet feel that stocks are too risky to invest in. Some Americans think even the higher quality Growth Countries are too risky to consider and believe […]

More Women Confess to Hiding Purchases

By Kelly Dilworth ( Several times a month, my husband and I sit down at our computer, open up the personal finance software Quicken and audit our personal spending. The semi-weekly ritual has helped us spot problems with our spending early on (such as our frequent trips to the luxury grocer a few blocks from […]

Six Ways Not to Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Debt

Guest post by Dawn Papandrea. If you’re suffering from a case of post-holiday credit card bill guilt, you’re not alone. While making good on your resolution to pay down your debt is a terrific goal, you want to make sure you do so in a way that actually improves your overall financial status. In other […]

Ways To Stay Out of Debt During the Holidays

By April Lewis-Parks It’s that time of year again when are days are filled with Christmas carols, ginger bread cookies, and little children who continually remain on their best behavior in hopes of making Santa’s nice list. It’s the holiday season. It’s also that time of year when a lot of American consumers overspend and […]

How to Handle Debt After Death

By April Lewis-Parks

Retiring debt free gives you a bright future
Tips For Retiring Debt Free
Heading into retirement burdened with debt may take the shine off your golden years. Use these 4 tips for retiring debt free to ensure you retire with ease!
Tips On How To Fix Bad Spending Habits

By Jessica Williams Forming bad spending habits is a very easy thing to do, but it can be an extremely hard thing to stop. These bad habits easily lead to different health problems including insomnia, high blood pressure, ulcers, migraines, rapid weight loss/gain, and excessive drinking/smoking. Though it may take a lot of effort, you […]

Don't go into debt together in the name of love
Don’t Go Into Debt After Getting Married
the last thing you need in a new marriage is to go into debt and face financial stress that could potentially lead to divorce. We give 4 ways to avoid debt.
Establish Your Personal Financial Plan

When you hear people encourage you to develop a “financial plan” it can sound dry and boring. This is probably why many people put off developing a set of goals until much later in life. The problem with this is that by then, they may not have realized all of the lost opportunities for saving, […]

Things to Consider Before Transferring a Credit Card Balance

  By April Lewis-Parks If your credit card bills are getting out of control and you struggle every month to make your payments, you might be considering transferring your balances to a credit card with a promotional zero percent interest rate. If you are you’re not alone. Balance transfers are a popular option when you […]