Debt seems inevitable these days, but how you deal with it can make all the difference. We will discuss different types of debt, solutions and how to avoid getting stung in a debt trap.

Cheat on your credit card homework
Linda P. Discovers It’s Not Hard To Live Without Credit Cards
Linda finds giving up her credit cards wasn't as hard as she thought. A debt management program helped her pay off her debt and realize that cash is king.
Millennials look in all the wrong places for home renovation
Attention Millennial Homeowners: You’re Probably Doing Home Renovation Projects Wrong
A survey finds Millennials are gun-shy about traditional options for financing home renovation projects. But the alternatives are costly.
Life & Debt: Not your typical self-help book, I swear
Debt Sucks but learning to love your debt is the first step to getting rid of it says Leslie Tayne Attorney–Debt Therapist & author of new book Life & Debt.
Infographic: Diagnosing America’s Medical Debt
Sick with medical debt? Find relief. This Infographic shows how out-of-pocket healthcare costs is causing problems for both insured and uninsured Americans.
How Althea Paid Off 20K In Credit Card Debt
Althea's $20K credit card debt were a result of repairs to her floors and what she calls "material foolishness".Consolidated Credit helped her pay it off.
When Physical Pain Leads to Financial Pain
When Ilma's back pain became too much to bear, she was forced to quit her job. With now no paycheck,she was forced to live off her credit cards.
Infographic: Avoiding Olympic-Sized Debt
The Summer Olympic games are here.While many will watch from their homes, others will travel to Rio. Budget‬ carefully to avoid Olympic-Sized Debt.
Gain financial success in spite of limited means
Debt Can Drive You Crazy

The stress and strain of debt can potentially ruin anyone’s mental health. As a mental health counselor, Paula sees people suffer emotionally all the time. Consumed with debt, she found herself suffering emotionally and reached out to a different company for help. But instead of helping her, they stole from her. Consolidated Credit achieved for Paula what the other company couldn’t – freedom from debt.

Consolidated Helped Mark C. avert 2nd Bankruptcy
How Mark C. paid off his $10K credit card debt through debt management and averted another bankruptcy. He says he will never be in debt again.
How second-hand clothes led to $32,000 in credit card debt

Esther D. grew up in a frugal household. She remembers the only time she got to wear ‘new’ clothes was on the first day of school. On other days Esther donned hand-me-downs from her older siblings – a memory she said led to $32,000 in credit card debt problem as an adult. Consolidated Credit helped her gain freedom from debt and regain control of her finances.

Have a dream wedding on a budget
The Perfect Wedding on a Budget – Economical and Elegant
You might think you can’t have your dream wedding on a budget, but with a little planning and the help of your friends, you can cut costs significantly.
Student Debt Infographic: High Costs Increase by Generation
In the 40s you could get a four-year college education for a fraction of the cost you face today. A side-by-side generational cost of a college education.
Distraction over Debt Almost Ends in Disaster

Debt problems can consume our thoughts and throw us off our focus. Susie can attest. Coming home from work one day, Susie was so distracted by her debt problems that she forgot to put the car in park before exiting. As her life flashed before her eyes, so did the bills, more bills. Consolidated Credit helped Susie regain focus and control of her finances.

Helping Veterans get ahead after serving
A Veteran at War with Debt

To mark Memorial Day Weekend, we’re featuring a profile of a Consolidated Credit client – an Iraq War Veteran who came home with PTSD to face serious problems with credit card debt. Veterans often struggle to get ahead after transitioning to civilian life. Here’s on Veteran’s story of triumph.

A debt consolidation loan consolidates credit card debt
DIY Thursdays: Using a Do-It-Yourself Debt Consolidation Loan
I used a personal debt consolidation loan to consolidate my credit cards on my own. Here’s what I learned and how it solved my debt and credit challenges.