Women Face Unique Risks in Retirement Planning
Planning for retirement is especially challenging for women,whether married,widowed or single.Tips to help women plan successfully for their golden years.
A Guide for Women on Saving Money While Buying a Car

By Nik Donovic More than half of all vehicle purchases in the United States are made by women, and a whopping 95% of them list safety as their most important consideration when buying a car. Women seem to understand that safety features not only help drivers avoid car accidents, but they also help minimize injury […]

Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Summer clothes are flirty, fun and fabulous, but by the time Fall rolls around, you won’t be able to wear your Capri pants, sundresses and sandals. This is an ideal time to go through your closet and sort through clothes that you can do without or have not worn in a few seasons to make […]

Young Women May Be More Likely to Get into Debt Because of Work Expenses

Women trying to build their careers are more likely than their male counterparts to incur debt, according to a new analysis by ConsolidatedCredit.org the nation’s foremost national non-profit debt counseling organization. Looking at the financial records of more than 40,000 Consolidated Credit customers nationwide revealed a pattern: that single women 18-25 seek help in greater […]