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74% of Americans are Getting Married with Debt

A survey of 1,000 couples set to get married in the next 12 months found 3 out of 4 couples will go into debt to tie the knot. And most, 61 percent, say they will use credit cards to pay. But is starting married life saddled with debt a good idea? Here’s what the wedding experts at the Knot say and what Consolidated Credit’s financial expert says. Here are some tips on what you can do to cut cost if you’re getting hitched.

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Wedding Cost Infographic
Given total wedding cost these days, if you don't budget carefully you're likely to start the marriage in debt with money fights that stress relationships.
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Some expenses that fall outside of your regular budget should never be put on a credit card unless you want to wind up with serious high-interest debt.
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Getting engaged on Valentine's Day
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