Always consider cost before opening credit cards with annual fees
Are Credit Cards with Annual Fees Worth It?
Credit cards with annual fees can offer some valuable incentives, but you have to assess the cost of using the card and the credit card rewards you earn carefully.
Airfare Prices Drop: How to Hone Holiday Travel Savings

Airlines are finally passing on savings from low fuel prices to consumers who can expect to pay 17-percent less for flights over the next three months. Though this is good news for holiday travelers, airfare, hotels and car rental costs peak from Thanksgiving through Christmas, so it’s important to plan your trip wisely. To avoid […]

Don’t Worry, Fly Happy: How to Cut Your Travel Costs

Booking a flight for your next vacation can feel daunting. But with enough foresight you can simplify the process and reduce your airfare cost considerably. Get this tedious chore over with ASAP and start thinking about what really matters, like whether you prefer to be sipping pina coladas in Hawaii or backpacking across Europe. Do […]

How do reward cards stack up?
Reward Cards: What’s right for you?
Credit users can gain even more of an edge with reward cards, but you have to be careful that the cost of using credit doesn't offset the rewards you earn.
Creative ways to travel on a budget

Travel season has arrived, and after a harsh winter of sitting in your cubicle wishing for sunshine, you can probably hear the ocean waves calling your name. The only problem: your limited travel budget. Few people feel gratified during the summer if they don’t take at least one vacation, be it a weekend getaway, week-long […]

Memorial Day Traveling on a Budget

Memorial Day is coming up! This year, the day of remembrance is Monday, May 28. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), 32.1 million people will be traveling over Memorial Day weekend. That’s a lot of money going toward plane tickets, gas and hotels. It’s important to follow some money-saving strategies to avoid making a […]

Celebrate as the clock strikes midnight
When the Clock Strikes Midnight….Where Will You Be?
We have the skinny on 5 New Year's hotspots and how much it will cost to travel there so you can party in style as the clock strikes midnight.
Is a Summer Vacation Still Ahead for You and Your Family? If So, We Have Some Travel Planning Tips for You!

Almost every family likes to take a trip during the summer. The kids are off from school, the weather is sunny and warm and everyone is happy. But you should be prepared before you take that trip to ensure personal and financial safety and well-being. Go over you itinerary with your children and set a […]

Summer airfares are taking off
2011 Airfares are Taking Off!
Summer travel looks to be more expensive this summer, particularly if you plan to fly. We explain three key reasons why airfares are higher this year.
Holiday Travelers Getting Hit at the Pump

If you were planning on skipping on airfare this holiday and using your car instead, be aware that gas prices are on the rise. Although the oil supplies are plentiful and gasoline demand has gone down since September, retail gas prices are rising because oil prices are at the highest levels since October 2008. Over […]