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Save money on baggage fees
Tricks to Bypass Baggage Fees While Traveling
Vacations are expensive enough! Use these helpful tips to keep your travel costs minimized by avoiding expensive baggage checks at the airport.
Frugal travel tips for Memorial Day weekend
Memorial Day Weekend – Safe and Frugal Travels!
If you're traveling this Memorial Day weekend, we have some helpful travel tips that can help you cut costs to keep credit card debt minimized.
What's the real cost of your wedding?
Avoid going broke during wedding season
It's almost wedding season and even if you're just a guest it can get expensive to attend even just one out-of-state ceremony. We help you cut those costs!
Shopping wisely for summer
Shopping Wisely Can Lead to Thousands in Savings
Summer costs can get pricey and wind up as credit card debt if you don't plan carefully. We offer tips on shopping wisely for summer to stay on budget.
Overcome travel costs so you can get away for less
Get There for Less: Tips to Overcome Travel Costs
You and your family need to get away on vacation this summer! Follow these tips to overcome travel costs to cut your vacation budget so you can avoid debt.
Keep holiday travel costs down
Don’t Let Holiday Travel Costs Deplete Your Savings
Holiday travel costs can keep you grounded and ruin your plans, but we have some helpful tips to get your travel plans off the ground without debt.
Get away on a stress-free vacation
5 Tips For An Affordable And Stress-Free Vacation
Vacations are meant to relax, but if you run up debt to getaway, the bills will be waiting when you return. We help you take a stress-free vacation.
Cut Costs while Enjoying the Beauty of Easter

 by April Lewis-Parks I love the renewed life and hope that Easter represents. I also love the springtime flowers in bloom, dressing up, watching children hunt for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and brunch. All of these things make it one of my favorite holidays! According to the National Retail Federation, the average American plans to […]

Frugal ways to get ready for summer
Is Your Purse Ready for Summer?
As you get ready for summer, keep these three key financial budget-drainers in mind so you can prepare your budget to have debt-free fun in the sun.