How Much Does Thanksgiving Cost at Your House?
Americans spend over a $1 Billion on Thanksgiving. Money expert Michelle Hutchison says the key to surviving Turkey Day debt-free is to budget.
Airfare Prices Drop: How to Hone Holiday Travel Savings

Airlines are finally passing on savings from low fuel prices to consumers who can expect to pay 17-percent less for flights over the next three months. Though this is good news for holiday travelers, airfare, hotels and car rental costs peak from Thanksgiving through Christmas, so it’s important to plan your trip wisely. To avoid […]

Have a fun and frugal Thanksgiving
DIY Thursdays: This Thanksgiving Be Creative and Share What You Are Thankful For
Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and showing you care, so we're helping you do just that without breaking the bank or pulling out a credit card.
Hosting a Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

It’s happened to many of us, you were excited to take over the reins of cooking a Thanksgiving feast for friends and family and then, worries over the high cost of playing host set in and now you’re freaking out. While it’s true that hosting holiday events don’t come cheap, you can still throw together […]

Be thankful for what you have on Thanksgiving
5 Ways to Give More and Be Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving
You don't have to spend money to make Thanksgiving special. We have some easy ideas on how to give more and be thankful without breaking the bank.
Thanksgiving Decorating on a Dime

Decorations and family activities help make Thanksgiving it a memorable day.  Decorating for the holidays can run up a hefty bill, but this year it doesn’t have to. Your décor can be traditional and fun all while remaining budget friendly. Decorating on a Dime Tips: Search Around your House: Buy scented candles and then hunt […]

Host a lavish Thanksgiving without breaking the bank

Thanksgiving can be a great holiday filled with family, friends and laughter – or a stressful and expensive 12 hours of cooking, cleaning and decorating. The difference between the two often rests on whether you’re hosting or attending Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, there are a million ways to put on a frugal and elegant dinner party […]

Thanksgiving Survival Tips: Dinner on a Budget

Do you find yourself in a frenzy every year worrying about making that perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, cherish family and friends, and enjoy a big meal. But don’t worry, if you are making Thanksgiving dinner for a large group this year, it doesn’t mean you have to break the […]

Holiday Shopping 2011: Several Stores to Open at Midnight on Black Friday

This holiday shopping season may set a new record!  After eating your Thanksgiving turkey, rather than bonding with (or annoying – depending on the family) your friends and family, you will have the opportunity to get your crazy on and start your holiday shopping at midnight. Major retailers including Macy’s, Target, Toys R US, and […]

5 Ways to Avert Last Minute Thanksgiving Disasters

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day where family and friends get together to sit down for a nice meal, and spend some quality family time. While we’d like to think that everything on this day goes perfectly, sometimes a few little snags happen along the way to the dinner table. If you’re looking to avert or […]

4 Frugal Tips for The Thanksgiving Holiday

The holiday season is officially here! Thanksgiving is exactly nine days away, Black Friday is exactly 10 days away and Christmas is a little more than six weeks away! So, that being said and with the intention of helping you prepare for a fun and frugal Thanksgiving holiday, I have compiled a short list of  helpful frugal […]

Thanksgiving Dinner for Small Families

When you’re a small family, it’s hard to justify the large turkey dinner with all the trimmings, especially when you know that the majority of the meal is going to end up as leftovers. While you can freeze some of your leftovers so they don’t go bad, the thought of eating turkey for the next […]

Top 5 Ways to Cut Wasteful Food Spending

More than 25% of the food that Americans prepare gets thrown away, that’s money in the garbage can –that’s nearly one pound of food per person, per day! That can easily change according to the US Department of Agriculture. The average family of four can save up to $1,500 a year just by changing how […]

How to Plan a Happy and Frugal Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. If you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to get your family and friends together to start. First, you need to make a few decisions: Who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have enough dinnerware, serving ware, silverware, tables and chairs? Will […]