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Are You Overlooking These Tax Tips?
It’s tax time once again, which means it’s also tax refund season. These tax tips from Mark Chandik can help you maximize your refund and avoid audits.
Save money this tax season
5 Strategies To Save You Money This Tax Season
Don't overpay Uncle Sam! Find legal ways to increase your deductions and credits this tax season to maximize your refund so you can get ahead.
Save big on your tax refund this year
Tax Refund: 5 Good vs. Better Ways to Use It
If you're receiving a tax refund this year, we have some suggestions on how you can use your refund to advance your financial outlook instead of wasting it.
Too late for a refund? Return assistance programs may help

By Lisa Bertagnoli An extra blanket at the foot of the bed or a second application of sunscreen — that’s how credit card companies want consumers to think of return assistance programs. Not the first line of defense, but extra protection should a cardholder want to get a refund on a purchase after the retailer’s […]

5 Ways to get a Bigger Tax Refund This Year

By Barbara Weltman Knowing what you’re entitled to write off on your tax return might seem complex and mysterious, but it doesn’t have to be. This year, popular write-offs include deductions for alimony payments, moving expenses (if the move is related to a job relocation or self-employment) and IRA and health savings account contributions. Tax […]

It’s Tax Refund Time: How Will You Spend Your Windfall?

Tax season can be a grueling time of year, but if you’re like most people, the big payoff you may get in the form of a refund makes it all worth it. The IRS estimates that the average refund for 2013 will be $2,803, and if you’re dreaming of putting that money towards a Caribbean […]

Money saving strategies help you get ahead
12 Money Saving Strategies for Young Adults
Young consumers just out of school often have trouble achieving stability. These 12 money-saving strategies can help you get ahead and avoid debt.
Having a baby can lower you taxes
Top 8 Ways Children Lower Your Taxes
Kids may be expensive, but they can also give you a significant break in your income taxes. Here are 8 ways your kids can lower your taxes when you file.
Treasury Launches Tax Refund Debit Cards to Stop Rapid Refunds and High Cost Loans

Are you in a low income bracket and don’t have access to a bank? Well the government is trying to help out by issuing tax refunds in the form of debit cards. The Treasury Department is going to send out 600,000 letters to consumers, giving them the opportunity to take part in a pilot program […]

Receive a Faster Refund with Direct Deposit

The New Year has arrived, which means . . . it’s tax time!   This year, do you want your refund faster? Have it deposited directly into your bank account. More taxpayers are choosing direct deposit as the way to receive their federal tax refunds. More than 61 million people had their tax refunds deposited directly […]