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Will You Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely?

Tax season is here, and you are probably gathering your W-2s, 1099s and other documents to file your taxes. While the process of submitting returns can be tedious, many people look forward to receiving a sizable refund from Uncle Sam. I’m planning to use my tax refund toward the purchase of a new car. Fortunately, […]

Top Three Worst Excuses for Not Saving

by April Lewis-Parks Everyone knows saving money is one of the most crucial ways to build a stronger financial profile and safeguard your future, and you won’t find a person in the world who disagrees. So when it comes to a universally recognized rule for financial success, why are so many people so far behind […]

Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money

by April Lewis-Parks Most of us know when we’ve spent too much money on an outfit we really wanted, like the season’s hottest boots or a new item for the home. But sometimes you make several small purchases that reduce your income and your ability to save money. Pinpointing these money wasters, and changing your […]