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Is transferring a balance in your best interest?

When you’re fighting piles of credit card statements and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make more than the minimum payment, a balance transfer may start looking like a pretty good idea. Interest-free payments thanks to a zero percent introductory rate? Yes, please. But before you call your lender, you should understand that transferring a balance […]

Extreme Couponing: K-Cup Edition

by Sijun Li By now, you’ve probably heard of those awesome little coffee cups known as the K-Cup. These single-serving coffee cups are easy and convenient to use – and there’s no mess to clean up! Who has the time to measure and grind up coffee beans in the morning when they’re half asleep? While […]

Money well spent? Are your friends contributing to your debt?

by April Lewis-Parks The scenario is all too familiar. Your friends want to go out on the town for a fancy dinner and drinks at a high-end restaurant and you begrudgingly tag along, secretly worrying about how you’re going to pay the bill. Then come the weekend shopping marathons. Your best friend’s destination wedding. And […]

Have Less Stressful and Less Expensive Holiday Season

  No matter how much you love the holidays or how well you’ve planned, if you’re like most people you’ll find yourself frazzled at times. You may find yourself searching for the perfect gift, trying to create an impressive dinner for guests or scrambling to put up holiday decorations.   The best gift you can give […]