Is the Afterpay payment method good for your wallet?
Afterpay is popular with Millennials because you can make large purchases in small installments. But is it good for your finances? Read about the pros and cons, plus tips for affording the luxury you want without a payment plan.
Shopping wisely for summer
Smart Holiday Shopping Tips for 2018
The average family will spend over $1,000 this year on the holidays. These holiday shopping tips can help you avoid holiday ID theft and a debt hangover.
How Do Americans Plan To Spend This Holiday?
Consolidated Credit asked indebted Americans about their holiday spending plan for this year. The results reveal a “gift gap” that’s rivals the wage gap.
More Women Confess to Hiding Purchases

By Kelly Dilworth ( Several times a month, my husband and I sit down at our computer, open up the personal finance software Quicken and audit our personal spending. The semi-weekly ritual has helped us spot problems with our spending early on (such as our frequent trips to the luxury grocer a few blocks from […]

What are the Best and Worst Things to Buy This January?

By Jessica Williams The holiday shopping season is finally over. But beware, retailers have started offering enticing deals this month on both winter apparel and early Valentine’s Day gifts. But before you pull out your cash or credit card to make a purchase, check out this list compiled by of the best and worst […]

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in July

The dealnews staff published more than 6,000 deals last July. Their team has compiled a “What to Buy in July” guide to help consumers spend their money wisely. The following article is written by Linda Sakraida, dealsnews Feature Director, with contributions from Louis Ramirez. Shop Independence Day Sales for In-Season Items The Fourth of July […]

Is Your Frugality Costing You Time and Money?

  By April Lewis-Parks OK – you know that we want you to be frugal, but you still have to be smart about it! There isn’t a piece of sound financial advice that doesn’t include a rule about living within your means, saving money or taking a frugal approach toward spending. While being more cost-conscious and […]

Fun and Affordable Holiday Gifts for Your Significant Other

By April Lewis-Parks Shopping for the right gift for the one you love can be a tedious and stressful task if you have no idea what to purchase. As the gift giving deadline creeps up, you may feel a sense of dread that you might never find the right gift, which can be a drain […]

8 Life Lessons to Use on Cyber Monday

By Andrea Woroch When it comes to doorbuster deals and massive discounts, Cyber Monday is on the safer side of holiday shopping. Since you don’t have to leave the house, there’s little risk of a pepper-spray attack from crazies clamoring for the last Furby. Despite the relative safety, Cyber Monday is an event that requires […]

Let the (Budgeted) Fall Shopping Season Begin!

by April Lewis-Parks Temperatures are getting lower and soon the leaves will start changing, which can only mean one thing: Fall is nearly here! For most people, the fall season brings pumpkins, cozy sweaters and cool nights to mind. For others, it signals the time to put away their summer wardrobe and prepare for sweater […]

What to get dear ol’ dad? We have some suggestions!

By Sijun Li Father’s Day is coming up! On Sunday, June 17, be sure to show your dad the love and appreciation he deserves by getting something he really wants. After all, he IS the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, who took you out for ice cream and who bought you […]

Have You Fallen into these Three Common Spending Traps?

By April Lewis-Parks You vowed to only buy one book, but before you know it, you are walking out of the door with three. But it was buy two, get one free, right? Wrong. You have just fallen into a common spending trap that encourages you to spend more than you planned and break your […]

Shop Smart to Avoid Debt

 by April Lewis-Parks Overspending can happen no matter what capacity you’re shopping in. Spending too much on groceries can be just as damaging to your finances as splurging on a pricey pair of boots. When it comes to shopping wisely, the rules are universal and it doesn’t matter what types of purchases you’re making. The […]

Panic Sets in and People Spend on Impulse… The Countdown has Begun!

By April Lewis-Parks What do you have left on your shopping list?  A survey from the National Retail Federation found that most people still had half of their shopping to do, and 37% hadn’t even started. Less than 10% were finished, so it’s safe to say many of us are procrastinators. Debt problems can be […]

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt During the Holidays

By April Lewis-Parks There are few things better during the holidays than finding the perfect gift for someone you care about, but sometimes the relief that comes with scouting out the right present for your new mother-in-law or a great accessory for a close friend can come with a heftier price tag that you planned. […]

Layaway your way through the back-to-school shopping season!

By Samantha Savory With several major retailers promoting layaway for back-to-school shopping, Miss Money Bee wants to be your go-to money blog keeping you informed on the benefits of layaway and what stores are offering it. Layaway offers zero percent financing over a 8 week period for school items like laptops, iPods, new clothes and school […]

Saving Money on Mother’s Day Gifts

By Kathryn Katz Mother’s Day is May 8th, and retailers are gearing up to entice people to the stores to buy for mom. Depending on your budget, you might find fitting mom into your monthly expenses a little tough. The average gift for mom is $127, and if you haven’t planned on the expense, you […]

Daily Deals are Dead, Long Live Coupons

By Kathryn Katz Recently, the newspaper headlines have been stating that daily deal sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, aren’t practical, cause impulse buying and encourage people to spend more money. Instead, they’ve been encouraging consumers to get back to their couponing roots, where you can save money on the essentials that you’re buying. They’re right, […]

What to Buy Now at Great Prices!

By April Lewis-Parks Spring is almost here! Now is the time that many items can be found at bargain prices.  Most items that will be found will be tied to either season – the end of winter or the beginning of spring.  From winter’s last stock to spring’s colorful new merchandise; here are some tips […]

Being Cheap Doesn’t Always Save You Money

By Kathryn Katz It’s great to save money, be frugal and occasionally cut corners to keep your financial status in a healthy state. But sometimes being cheap can cost you, especially when you’re sacrificing or ignoring important components in your life that require attention, regardless of the price. Here is a list of things that […]

5 Money Saving Habits that Could Break the Bank

By Kathryn Katz When you’re trying to save money, sometimes well-meaning practices, like clipping coupons, could result in you spending more money at the end of the month if you’re buying items that you don’t need. Rather than saving a few dollars here and there, you’re spending a lot more than you’re saving. Here are […]

Are You Still Shopping?

By Kathryn Katz During the month of January, post-holiday sales and clearance advertisements have littered print, TV, radio and internet. Recent retail forecasts are projecting that consumers are continuing to spend into New Year. Many shoppers are rushing to the store to get these great deals before they dry up. However, the question remains, “How […]

Turn Last Year’s Style into the New Year’s Trend!

By Samantha Savory We are known to give frugal tips and advice at the Miss Money Bee blog as it relates to necessities, like groceries or saving money on your utility bill.  But, people (and when I say people, I mean me) don’t want to always focus on the hum-drum part budgeting. Instead, I want […]

How to Prevent the Holiday Spending Spree from Impacting Your 2011 Budget

By April Lewis-Parks You threw frugality out the window for a couple months but now the spending is over and reality is setting in. Credit card bills are coming due and you must pay them off while setting up your New Year Budget. Hopefully you put enough money away to eliminate your debt, unlike over […]

5 Step Plan for Post Holiday Shopping

By Kathryn Katz The holidays are over, but many consumers are still out in the stores, taking advantage of the post holiday sales. While there are plenty of deals to be had, you need to make sure that you’re not throwing away your frugality for a quick sales fix. Here’s some post holiday shopping tips […]

Five Financial New Year’s Resolutions to Think About Today

 By April Lewis-Parks Here are 5 suggestions that you may want to consider implementing in 2011. Now is the time to get control of your finances, and take that first step down the path to financial fitness. Why not start this next year off on the right financial foot? 1. Spend less than you make. […]

Beware of Gift Card Fees

By Kathryn Katz Not everyone enjoys shopping – the crowds, the time it takes to check out and the hassle of trying to find the perfect gift for a variety of people with differing tastes. That’s why gift cards are so convenient. There are two types of gift cards. The first is the retail gift […]

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Financial Heat

 By Kathryn Katz Your bank account is nearly empty, you have bills to pay, and it’s the holiday season. Your head is thumping from the stress and you still have gifts to buy and a holiday party to plan for in just a couple weeks. Americans all over the country are facing the same dismal […]

Thanksgiving Dinner for Small Families

By Kathryn Katz When you’re a small family, it’s hard to justify the large turkey dinner with all the trimmings, especially when you know that the majority of the meal is going to end up as leftovers. While you can freeze some of your leftovers so they don’t go bad, the thought of eating turkey […]

Top 5 Ways to Cut Wasteful Food Spending

By Kathryn Katz More than 25% of the food that Americans prepare gets thrown away, that’s money in the garbage can –that’s nearly one pound of food per person, per day! That can easily change according to the US Department of Agriculture. The average family of four can save up to $1,500 a year just […]

Shopping Pitfalls to Avoid & Tips to Make the Holidays a Breeze

By April Lewis-Parks The start of November whispers “the holiday’s are almost upon us…” while retailers scream “Start Shopping!”  For many stores the holiday season has already begun.  I went into a large chain retailer two weeks before Halloween and they were already decked out for Christmas. Trees were blazing with colored lights, plastic carolers […]

How to Plan a Happy and Frugal Thanksgiving

By Kathryn Katz Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. If you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to get your family and friends together to start. First, you need to make a few decisions: Who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have enough dinnerware, serving ware, silverware, tables […]

Teach the Next Generation How To Stay in the Black

By April Lewis-Parks Give a Lasting Holiday Gift Break the Holiday Overspending Cycle I know Halloween is just  behind us, but thousands of Americans overspend during the holiday season adding to existing debt loads, so I wanted to chime in early about how to avoid the unfortunate consequences of spending beyond your means. I want […]

Last Minute Halloween Shopping

Halloween is a few days away. Do you have your Halloween costume? If not, you don’t have to panic. You can still get your Halloween shopping done before the witching hour.  However, before you rush out to the local Halloween store, get a plan together. Online Shopping You can still order your Halloween costume online. […]

33 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

By Kathryn Katz Are food prices getting to you? It may not be rising as fast as gasoline, but over the last 10 years, we’ve seen food prices go up by 34% according the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey. Unlike some expenses that you might be able to cut down on or eliminate, food is something […]

Are You a Savvy Shopper?

By Kathryn Katz According to the American Time Use Survey, the average woman spends 219 hours per year shopping. Retailers are obsessed with making sure their advertising, displays and pricing all “scream out” to attract you towards their goods and services. But your dollar only stretches so far and in this economy it’s important to […]