Don’t Become a Victim of Apartment Rentals Scams

When you are looking to move into a new apartment or you are traveling and in need of a week long apartment property reservation, the last thing that you want to be faced with is a rental scam. Scam artists are always on the prowl for potential bait. They seek out prospective tenants and prey […]

Scammers Impersonate Police with Spoofed Caller ID

Scammers have a new disguise just in time for Halloween. Con artists are taking advantage of caller ID spoofing technology to pose as local sheriff’s offices. They are calling residents and demanding they pay nonexistent fines. How the Scam Works: The phone rings. Caller ID says the number is the local sheriff’s office, so you […]

Scammers Now “Pinning” on Pinterest

Scammers will do whatever it takes to find new victims, even if this means tracking millions of users on different social media outlets. Their latest scheme involves targeting users on Pinterest, the third most popular social media platform. As Pinterest allows user to “pin” pictures to virtual boards and discuss ideas with others, it also […]