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Saving money on a limited income

Limited income? You’re not alone One of the most common reasons many people cite for failing to save money is that they make too small a salary to devote anything additional to a savings account. While stretching a small income can be challenging, it's not impossible, and individuals who want to build a stronger financial foundation that […]

Saving Money for the Holiday Season

by April Lewis-Parks The holiday season is quickly approaching and as it gets closer you might feel like your income is getting smaller. Between travel, gifts, food and parties, you may shell out a great deal more money in the next 2-3 months than you normally would, leaving you with either a smaller savings account […]

Smart Tips To Keep You Committed To Your Savings Goals

by April Lewis-Parks Many people are natural-born savers and have no difficulties scaling back on spending and putting the bulk of their income into different savings vehicles. But for other women, saving money can be challenging. You may get into a really good money-saving rhythm initially and then fall back into your old spending habits. […]

Get Serious About Saving Money

This is a guest post from Philip Taylor, who blogs daily at PT Money: Personal Finance, where the focus is on making money, saving money, and spending money wisely.

How Much are You Saving?

Believe it or not, by saving just a little bit more and choosing the right savings vehicle, you can end up saving big over a period of time. Right now the average personal savings rate is 5.3%. If you’re the average American that makes $49,777 after taxes, then you’re looking approximately $2,638 in yearly savings. […]