Planning a Personal Budget
Are You Afraid of Outliving Your Retirement Savings?
Many Americans fear they won’t have enough money to live comfortably during retirement. We explain how avoid outliving your retirement savings.
5 Essential Finance Tips for High School Seniors
Early start in personal finance leads to financially independent adults. Amber Westover shares 5 tips to help high school seniors gain financial confidence.
Why Retired Women Are More Prone To Financial Crisis
Retired women are more prone to financial crisis than men. But there are steps women can take to have a financially successful retirement.
Women Face Unique Risks in Retirement Planning
Planning for retirement is especially challenging for women,whether married,widowed or single.Tips to help women plan successfully for their golden years.
4 Tips For Making Your Retirement Savings Last Longer
Are you worried about outliving your money in retirement? Here are 4 tips to help make your retirement savings last longer in your golden years.
3 Habits Successful Retirees Have That Are Worth Imitating
Want to thrive in retirement? Here are 3 habits successful retirees often display that are worth emulating so we don’t merely survive in our golden years.
The Absolutely, Positively Best Time To File For Social Security – All Depends
While you can begin withdrawing Social Security at age 62,before the traditional retirement age for less money,waiting until you turn 70 may increase check.
Infographic: Retirement Checkpoints
One of Americans biggest fears is outliving their money. Here are some key milestones you should be hitting on your road to retirement.
Advantages of Working in Retirement
Working in retirement has both financial and physical benefits.John Eikenberry shares his experience and advantages of delaying his exit from the workforce.
Infographic: Secrets to Successful Retirement
Want to enjoy your golden years? We are spilling 8 secrets from those retirement now to help you avoid regret and achieve success.
When Forced Early Retirement Ends in Debt Problems
When Wanda was forced into early retirement, she was still holding $50,000 in credit card debt. See how Consolidated Credit helped her eliminate her debt.
Achieve a selfie-worthy dream retirement
How to Achieve Your Dream Retirement
With all the news these days you may feel like your dream retirement is out of reach, but these 3 steps can put you on the path to retirement perfection.
7 Steps to Avert Becoming a “Bag Lady”

Life’s circumstances can change in a blink of an eye and you can suddenly find yourself living in different shoes. Many women, both those who are wealthy and those who are a little less so, fear becoming penniless and homeless as they get to retirement age. So if you harbor those fears, you’re not alone. […]

Retirement Resolutions for Boomers

Most Americans usher in the New Year with champagne. And sometime after (or before) the bubblies, come the New Year’s resolutions to either save more, lose weight, or quit a vice like smoking. The tradition is no different for Boomers, but Carl Edwards a Chartered Financial Consultant say their resolutions should include implementing these three vital […]

Retiring out of state is within your reach
3 Tips for Retiring Out of State to Save Money
if you have big plans to pick up roots and move after retirement, realize it could cost you if you don't plan carefully for retiring out of state.
Key retirement account deadlines you can't afford to miss
Don’t Miss These Year-End Retirement Account Deadlines
Miss Money Bee helps ensure your retirement plan stays on the right track with key retirement account deadlines you need to know for this year.
Seniors take action to stay healthy
Do the Elderly Have to be Wealthy to Stay Healthy?
Healthcare costs for seniors are on the rise, but with fixed incomes Baby Boomers are having to find new ways to stay healthy without being wealthy.
401(k) mistakes could put your retirement at risk
Four 401(k) Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
Saving for retirement is key but if you make one of these 401(k) mistakes then you could setyour retirement plans back from reaching your golden years.
Don't be a financial fool today or any other day
Don’t Be a Financial Fool
A financial fool spends more than they need to, uses up assets for the wrong reasons and ends up making debt problems worse with bad solutions.
4 Retirement Survival Tips for a Volatile Stock Market

By Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo and Chris Snyder More and more Americans – 28 percent in 2013 — say they’re not at all confident they’ll have a comfortable retirement, according to an annual survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Even the wealthiest among us have concerns; 38 percent of U.S. multi-millionaires are not “very confident” […]