Retailers Face Pressure to Boost Cybersecurity Spending

By Dhanya Skariachan and Phil Wahba (Reuters) Target’s decision to speed up a $100 million program to adopt the use of chip-enabled smart cards is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what retailers need to do to defend themselves against future cyber attacks, according to security experts and IT service providers. […]

What are the Best and Worst Things to Buy This January?

The holiday shopping season is finally over. But beware, retailers have started offering enticing deals this month on both winter apparel and early Valentine’s Day gifts. But before you pull out your cash or credit card to make a purchase, check out this list compiled by of the best and worst things to buy […]

Gift card replacement is a real thing
Gift Card Replacement: Is this Real?
It may seem too good to be true but if you lose a gift card and can prove your had it, then most merchants offer gift card replacement free of charge.
Don’t Get Caught Off Guard This Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Did you know that most US retailers consider Black Friday as the unofficial start of the holiday spending season? Furthermore most Black Friday shoppers will spend 50 percent of their holiday budget on those sales. As these retailers have studied these trends, they have decided to actually start the Black Friday holiday this year on […]

Save Money On Back To School Clothes

With the new school year just weeks away for millions of students, parents across the country may be scrambling to buy their children new outfits for their first day. Many people opt to use their credit cards when shopping during these hectic times, as swiping their plastic gets them in and out of the store […]

Five Painless Phone Calls That Save You Money

Are you looking for quick and painless ways to save money every month? Of course you are….who isn’t nowadays! There is no denying the convenience of online shopping but picking up the phone can actually save you some money. Talking over the phone has a certain human element you simply can’t get on the internet. […]