Mother Teaches Daughter to Save
What’s Your Personal Saving Rate?
The personal saving rate hit 6.8% in June, but are Americans saving equally? We look at personal savings and offer tips on improving your saving strategy.
Life in college is stressful
Which State Has the Highest Student Loan Debt?
A new study from WalletHub explores which state has the highest student loan debt and which borrowers have the biggest student debt burden.
10 Tips To Help Your Teens Become Financially Independent
A new survey finds that only half of teens see achieving financial independence from parents as a key financial goal for the future. We look at the survey stats and offer ten key tips for helping teens learn ow to become financially independent.
8 Money-Saving Ideas for Mother’s Day 2018

By the time Mother’s Day rolls around, Americans would’ve have already spent $23.1 billion on gifts for mom, according to the National Retail Federation(NRF). Mothers are special in every way. How can you spoil that special mom or mother figure in your life without going into credit card debt? Here are 8 money-saving ideas.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt
A new study finds that 2 out of 3 consumers believe they will never be debt free, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when you consider the difference between good debt vs bad debt. We explain the difference so you can get the right financing for your needs.
Who is Most Likely to Default on Student Loans?
Student loan debt problems don’t affect all demographics equally. Learn who is most likely to default on student loans and what you can do if you’ve defaulted on student debt yourself.
How Do Americans Plan To Spend This Holiday?
Consolidated Credit asked indebted Americans about their holiday spending plan for this year. The results reveal a “gift gap” that’s rivals the wage gap.
Do You Have More Credit Knowledge than These Millennials?
LendEDU finds that Millennials have some interesting (and wrong) thoughts about how credit scores work. Is this lack of credit knowledge a recipe for debt?
Which travel card perk is the most popular?

By Tony Mecia Free checked bags are the top travel benefit offered by credit cards, according to a random telephone poll of 1,005 consumers commissioned by The poll, conducted by GfK Roper Jan. 24-26, asked consumers which credit-card travel benefit respondents found most valuable. Twenty-two percent selected free checked baggage, beating out rental-car insurance […]

A Guide for Women on Saving Money While Buying a Car

By Nik Donovic More than half of all vehicle purchases in the United States are made by women, and a whopping 95% of them list safety as their most important consideration when buying a car. Women seem to understand that safety features not only help drivers avoid car accidents, but they also help minimize injury […]

Buyer Beware: Consumers Purchase More When Shopping On Their iPad

Are you aware that once you have touched an item or imagined yourself touching an item you are more likely to purchase it because you have already developed a sense of ownership? It’s true. Once you come in contact with something in the store, you are more likely to buy it, since you can imagine […]