Learn how to lower your rent payments
Four Tips To Help Lower Your Rent Payments
Housing costs take up a significant chunk of your income, so using these four tips to cut your monthly rent payments can improve your budget dramatically.
Child care becomes largest household expense

Raising a child is one the most rewarding experiences parents can have, but higher child care costs are becoming a financial burden for millions of families. A recent study conducted by Child Care Aware of America reveals that most households are paying more in child care than in rent, making it their largest household expense. […]

Five Frightening Financial Pitfalls You Want to Avoid

With the spooky holiday right around the corner, what better time to go over some financial frights you want to avoid at all costs! We constantly read about what we SHOULD be doing to better secure our financial future. But no one ever mentions those scary financial pitfalls that could really bring about financial ruin. […]

How to handle couch crashers and how much to charge them

Do you have a friend that is facing some hard financial times and has turned your couch into his/her bed? The question is – how long do you allow him/her to take over your living room or spare bedroom and then, do you charge them rent? To be perfectly honest, there is no perfect way […]