plastic surgery

Are Women Obsessed With Plastic Surgery?

If you ask any woman what she would change about her body, you will probably get a long list of flaws ranging from “large noses” to “flabby bellies.” In 2010, 9.5 million women underwent cosmetic procedures according to This figure reveals that many women obsess about their body. And why wouldn’t they? Society praises […]

Is It Time For Plastic Surgery?

Many Americans are convinced that saving money is a waste of time. Why should they save if they can borrow money every time they need it? A big problem begins when an unexpected event doesn’t allow a person to make the minimum payments on their credit cards. It’s then when people realize they owe thousands […]

Be smart about using your credit cards
7 Expenses You Should Never Put On A Credit Card
Some expenses that fall outside of your regular budget should never be put on a credit card unless you want to wind up with serious high-interest debt.