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A fun and frugal Fourth of July bash
Save Money on Your Fourth of July Bash

If you’re hosting a 4th of July bash, we have some buzz on how you can throw a great party that doesn’t make your budget blow up in your face. Get helpful summer party planning tips so you can entertain in style without breaking the bank.

Hosting a Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

It’s happened to many of us, you were excited to take over the reins of cooking a Thanksgiving feast for friends and family and then, worries over the high cost of playing host set in and now you’re freaking out. While it’s true that hosting holiday events don’t come cheap, you can still throw together […]

How to save on Independence Day
Ways to Save on Independence Day
You want to celebrate in style, but you don't want your budget to go out with a bang. We have several ways to save on Independence Day for party planning.
7 Sagaciousness Super Bowl Saving Tips

An estimated 111 million people will watch the New England Patriots and New York Giants go head-to-head Sunday for the 46th Super Bowl.  Millions of people are planning their Super Bowl parties and on average they will spend between $50 and $100. Let’s face it, feeding a room full of hungry football fanatics doesn’t come […]