Insurance policies protect your money
Insurance Policies That You Don’t Need To Pay For
Insurance protection is useful for mitigating loss, but there are some instances where you're wasting money paying for insurance policies you don't need.
Four Myths About Credit Scores

Credit scores are essential for financial success, as lenders will use this figure to determine what terms and rate to offer on all loans – mortgages, personal lines of credit, auto loans. That being said, it is important to have a vast knowledge about this number, so people don’t do anything to damage their rating. […]

Is it Better to Buy or Rent in this Troubled Economy

Many people struggle over the choice between buying and renting a home, and with foreclosures and upside down mortgages (owing the bank more than the house is worth) prevalent in the news opting for one or the other has become more difficult. On the one hand buying could be the right way to go because […]