Is It Better to Rent or Buy

To rent or to buy, that is the question. When deciding on renting or buying a home, you must always factor in finances, emotions, and personal preferences. This decision is one that can’t be entered into without detailed thought as this decision can change your overall quality of life. Where Do You Want Live The […]

Steps to Achieve Your Short and Long-Term Financial Goals

Financial success doesn’t happen overnight. Just because you dream about it, it doesn’t mean it will magically happen. That’s why establishing goals is crucial to turn those dreams into reality. Most experts recommend that we set short and long-term goals when planning our financial future. Short-term goals are easier to accomplish and take less commitment. […]

Know the Difference Between ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Debt

Whenever we talk about debt it’s usually negative and in most cases for good reasons! Credit card debt might be preventing you from saving money and high student loan payments may leave little room for traveling and experiencing the finer things in life, but the truth is that not all debt is created equal. We […]