marriage and money

Should you file a joint loan application to hold a debt jointly?
Is a Joint Loan Application Better than Single?
As a married couple taking out a personal loan, you have an important choice to make: Do you go for a joint loan application or are you better off single? We explain how to weigh the benefits of each, so you can secure the right financing at a good interest rate.
Wedding Cost Infographic
Given total wedding cost these days, if you don't budget carefully you're likely to start the marriage in debt with money fights that stress relationships.
Are you fighting with a financial bully?
9 Signs Your Spouse is a Financial Bully
If you're in one of these situations, it could be a sign you're in a relationship with a financial bully. We offer seven tips to even the playing field.
Married couples find common financial ground
Financial Do’s and Don’ts That Married Couples Need to Know
More than anything else, financial stress can ruin a perfectly good relationship. It's a fast track to divorce. We help married couples find common ground.
Don't go into debt together in the name of love
Don’t Go Into Debt After Getting Married
the last thing you need in a new marriage is to go into debt and face financial stress that could potentially lead to divorce. We give 4 ways to avoid debt.
Staying credit positive as a couple
Newlyweds: Keep Credit Positive After Combining Finances
Financial stress is a leading cause of divorce. We help newlyweds avoid common credit stressors that could lead to conflict in your relationship.
Engaged couples must be smart about money
Money moves for engaged couples
Engaged couples face an uphill battle to get on the same financial footing. We offer some tips on how to start the money talk to get on the same page.
Wedding day venues that won't break the bank
7 Wedding Venue Ideas for Budget-Minded Couples
Reserving the perfect space for your wedding is an essential part of making the event you want, but don't let wedding venue costs kill your budget.
Sign a prenup before you get married
Prenuptial Agreements: 5 Factors to Consider Before You Sign
Before you decide to sign any prenuptial agreements, make sure to consider these points so you can avoid getting shafted if your marriage ends in divorce.
Conflict over joint accounts can end relationships
Can joint accounts damage your personal finances?
Opening joint accounts after marriage can make it easy to manage your money as a couple, but you have to get on the same financial page.
Don't let finance add to the stress of your divorce
Financial Steps to Take During a Divorce
Divorce is hard enough on you mentally and emotionally. Don't add to that burden with extra financial stress. We offer tips on executing a smooth filing.
Combine finances to keep the peace
Are you prepared to combine finances with your partner?
The process to combine finances after marriage can be a smooth ride or the start of a rocky road to divorce if you're not careful and on the same page.
Learn key money management skills as a couple
Top 5 Money Management Skills that Every Newlywed Couple Needs to Know
Newlywed couples should take note of these five key money management skills if they want to avoid conflict and get on the same financial page.
Maintain financial harmony in spite of money issues
Debt and Money Issues: Why It is So Important to Have Open Discussions
Debt and other money issues have a way of ruining a perfectly lovely relationship. Miss Money Bee helps keep your relationship sweet with some key advice.
Valentine's Day gift ideas under $20
Love and Money: What Makes Marriage
All is fair in love and war, but what about love and money? We help you understand financial stress so you can avoid ruining your relationship for debt.
Finding funds for pay for your wedding day
How to Pay for Your Wedding Day
Figuring out how to pay for your wedding day is critical if you don't want to let money come between you and your new spouse in your first year of marriage.
Getting engaged on Valentine's Day
How To Avoid Wedding Bills & Have Wedded Bliss
Valentine's Day is one of the most popular times to pop the question, but an extravagant proposal and ceremony could lead to serious wedding bills.
Playing the money blame game kills relationships
Marriage and the Money Blame Game
When financial stress hits you as a couple, it's easy to start playing the money blame game and pointing fingers at who's really causing your debt problems.