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Child with Glasses adding up coins
6 Mistakes To Avoid When Teaching Your Kids About Money

‘Lead by example’ couldn’t be a truer saying when it comes to teaching children about personal finance. But, as many of these great quotes, it’s much easier said than done.

Instant access to credit cards, the ability to finance pretty much everything, and the never-ending hamster wheel of “keeping up with the Joneses” can make being a role model really challenging. But ignoring it isn’t an option either if you want to raise financially responsible adults. After all, debt can destroy a person’s entire adulthood, and it can quite literally happen in the blink of an eye…

10 Tips To Help Your Teens Become Financially Independent
A new survey finds that only half of teens see achieving financial independence from parents as a key financial goal for the future. We look at the survey stats and offer ten key tips for helping teens learn ow to become financially independent.
Your Child Could Be Heading Toward Financial Failure If…

Guest post by Gregg Murset. If you haven’t heard the famous stand-up comedy routine of Jeff Foxworthy I would suggest taking a few minutes to pull some one-liners up on the Internet before reading the rest of this piece. Foxworthy has worked extremely hard building a successful career by making jokes about real-life situations, as […]

5 Personal Finance Tips for Single Parents

By Sienna Beard Being a single parent can be particularly scary because your children usually depend solely on you when it comes to finances. If you lose your job, or worse, get very sick and can’t work, there may not be anyone else to fill your shoes or pay your bills. Being prepared for the […]

Back-to-school shopping: More tech-savvy than ever

Back-to-school shopping just got more advanced – and expensive! It’s that time again – Summer break is almost over, meaning it’s time to get in that back-to-school mindset again. With about three weeks before the start of school, parents everywhere are preparing to shell out some serious cash to get their kids ready for class. […]

Smurfs village purchases went upwards of $1400
$1,400 spent on Smurfs Village Purchases! Parents Beware of “Free App’s” on Your iPad and iPhone.
Be careful with your kids and smartphone "freemium" apps. One child ran up $1,400 in credit card debt for Smurfs Village Purchases in one month.