7 Steps to Avert Becoming a “Bag Lady”

Life’s circumstances can change in a blink of an eye and you can suddenly find yourself living in different shoes. Many women, both those who are wealthy and those who are a little less so, fear becoming penniless and homeless as they get to retirement age. So if you harbor those fears, you’re not alone. […]

Retirement Resolutions for Boomers

Most Americans usher in the New Year with champagne. And sometime after (or before) the bubblies, come the New Year’s resolutions to either save more, lose weight, or quit a vice like smoking. The tradition is no different for Boomers, but Carl Edwards a Chartered Financial Consultant say their resolutions should include implementing these three vital […]

Are You Grooming Yourself for Financial Success?

by April Lewis-Parks Women in their 20s and 30s spend a great deal of time trying to determine the best way to save money and kick debt to the curb, while still having enough income left over to experience the best life has to offer. When you’re bombarded with a million pieces of money-related advice, […]

Have you fallen behind in saving for retirement?

by April Lewis-Parks Everyone knows that saving for retirement is an important step in building a sound financial profile. When you’re paying off student loans, saving for a new car or simply trying to pay down this month’s credit card balance, saving money for retirement (that could be decades away) doesn’t seem like a priority. […]

Four smart financial moves to make in 2012

Financial resolutions are pretty standard in today’s economic climate and strengthening your financial position is a lifelong goal that that never goes out of style. Becoming financially fit takes times, energy and resilience. But if you visualize your goals each time you make a financial decision – and ask yourself whether this transaction will help […]