Independence Day

The Best Ways to Save Over 4th of July Weekend
Don't let 4th of July party plans blow up your in your face when it comes to your budget! We have the best ways to save over the holiday weekend.
A fun and frugal Fourth of July bash
Save Money on Your Fourth of July Bash

If you’re hosting a 4th of July bash, we have some buzz on how you can throw a great party that doesn’t make your budget blow up in your face. Get helpful summer party planning tips so you can entertain in style without breaking the bank.

How to save on Independence Day
Ways to Save on Independence Day
You want to celebrate in style, but you don't want your budget to go out with a bang. We have several ways to save on Independence Day for party planning.
4th of July parties in style
Ways to Save on 4th of July Parties
Celebrating Independence Day is a fun diversion during the summer, but an extravagant party can break the bank. We have tips for frugal 4th of July parties.
Summer savings tips for frugal fun
Super Summer Savings
It's time for some fun in the sun, but hot days don't have to overheat your budget. We have monthly tips for super summer savings to keep your budget cool.