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How to Prevent the Holiday Spending Spree from Impacting Your 2011 Budget

You threw frugality out the window for a couple months but now the spending is over and reality is setting in. Credit card bills are coming due and you must pay them off while setting up your New Year Budget. Hopefully you put enough money away to eliminate your debt, unlike over 13 million Americans […]

Saving Everyday!

  Everyone is trying to cut corners and make money last. One of the biggest expenses in most people’s budget is food, so it’s a great waste of money when food goes bad and has to be tossed out.  Many people end up throwing away fortune’s worth of spoiled food and the secret is in […]

Women and Their Financial Identity

Women need to empower themselves with financial information. They need their own financial identity. Women, more than men, need to make their money go a long way. The median income of women over 65 is a mere $6,300. Roughly 80 percent have no pension eligibility and with a longer life span there is a greater […]

33 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Are food prices getting to you? It may not be rising as fast as gasoline, but over the last 10 years, we’ve seen food prices go up by 34% according the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey. Unlike some expenses that you might be able to cut down on or eliminate, food is something that you’re going […]