holiday season

Food Stamp Recipients Face Cuts this Holiday Season

By the beginning of November this year, millions of food stamp recipients will begin to see a reduction in their benefits. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamp program) will begin reducing benefits due to a recession-era boost in benefits which is expiring. According to the USDA, the food stamp program is serving more than […]

The Gift of Smart Money Management this Holiday Season

A recent Rand poll showed more teens are saving for clothes than for college!  This is an ideal time to embrace the holiday spirit and set kids on the path for college success, workforce readiness and financial security. Though holiday deals may still be plentiful, Junior Achievement (JA) is encouraging other forms of giving this […]

Saving Money for the Holiday Season

by April Lewis-Parks The holiday season is quickly approaching and as it gets closer you might feel like your income is getting smaller. Between travel, gifts, food and parties, you may shell out a great deal more money in the next 2-3 months than you normally would, leaving you with either a smaller savings account […]