Frightening Statistics for Halloween 2017
Halloween marks the start of the most expensive time of year.We look at shopping statistics for Halloween 2017 to see how people will spend money this year.
Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Harrowing
A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween.This guide contains a wealth of tips to help keep your family safe during this age old and fun-filled holiday.
DIY Thursdays: Do-It-Yourself Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Today is Halloween and there are only a few hours left until you are supposed to take your children out trick-or-treating or attend that annual Halloween party. Are you one of the many Americans that waited until the last minute to get your costume? If so then you are in luck, here is a+ list […]

Take Control of Your Financial Fears This Halloween

With Halloween less than 48 hours away, what better time to conquer your biggest financial fears head on. One thing to remember is just like any other types of fear, financial fears are only terrifying when you avoid them. The most powerful antidote for any fear is action. Taking action makes you feel more in […]

Purchasing a Perfect Pumpkin for Halloween

With Halloween being less than a week away, we wanted to make sure that you don’t neglect one of Halloween’s longest running traditions, and that is the pumpkin. Pumpkins are normally ignored throughout the year, but during the fall season, pumpkins can be found and seen everywhere. From lattes to bread, pumpkins can be found […]

Frugal and Fierce: How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season and the holiday season means heavy spending and perhaps overspending. But as Halloween draws near, it is hard to believe that an average Halloween costume for a child costs close to $30. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans will spend $2.6 billion on costumes this […]

How To Throw a Spooky Halloween Party On a Budget

Throwing a Halloween bash with your family and friends is a great way to celebrate the holiday. However, a lot of people cringe at the thought of the costs that would possibly be associated with throwing a memorable, spooktacular party. And, with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays right around the corner, most Americans are already living […]

Three Money Saving Tips to Help You Celebrate Halloween Without Breaking Your Pockets

Each year the price of celebrating Halloween continually grows higher and higher. From the price of candy, decorations, and costumes, last year American’s spent a record breaking $5.07 billion getting ready for the holiday’s festivities. This holiday can end up being very stressful on consumers’ pockets if they don’t create and stick to a budget. […]

Have A Safe and Fun-Filled Halloween

Halloween is known for tricks, treats, and costumes of all colors, but as October draws to a close, the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, make sure you and your family have a fun-filled, safe Halloween with these tips from USA.gov: You want the thrills without the chills Check your local weather report […]

Sweet budgeting tips for Halloween
Tricks, Treats and Too Many Bills for Halloween
Plan carefully for Halloween spending to avoid going overboard and taking on too much credit card debt. We treat you to 6 simple Halloween budgeting tips.
Trick or Treat: Six Savvy Substitutes to Sweets

Halloween is synonymous with candy but this year you may want to consider changing your treats up a bit. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 12.5 million children and adolescents aged 2-19 are obese. In 2010, not one state had an obesity rate of less than 20%. These facts are alarming […]

Halloween Safety Tips… Make This Halloween SPOOOOKTACULAR!

Halloween is officially less than two weeks away! The U.S. Census Bureau estimates about 40 million kids ages 5 – 14 will be taking to the streets in their quest for treats! Kids can’t wait to put on their costumes and scatter amongst their neighborhoods collecting as much sugary deliciousness as possible, but remember safety […]

How much holiday shopping do you plan on doing?

The holiday season is right around the corner and many consumers across the country may already be getting a head start on purchasing gifts for their friends and family. Recent polls suggest that holiday spending is likely to go up this year on a per-person basis, but that overall, the number of consumers who will […]

Trick or Treat Spending on the Rise, Frightening Frugal Ways to Have a Boo-tiful Halloween

Happy autumn! Now that back-to-school shopping has subsided, many Americans start planning for the holiday season. Some reports show that Halloween is now the second most expensive holiday after Christmas but most people overlook the holiday when it comes to budgeting for expenses. As families feel the weight of the US economy more and more, […]

Presto chango credit card tricks
Top Five Fightening Credit Card Tricks that Last Beyond Halloween!
Don't let your creditors fool you into frightening debt problems! Avoid these credit card tricks in order to treat yourself to a better credit outlook.
Last Minute Halloween Shopping

Halloween is a few days away. Do you have your Halloween costume? If not, you don’t have to panic. You can still get your Halloween shopping done before the witching hour.  However, before you rush out to the local Halloween store, get a plan together. Online Shopping You can still order your Halloween costume online. […]

Working Mom’s Tips for Saving on Halloween Costumes

It’s easy to save on Halloween when you’re a stay-home mom that has time to make your child’s Halloween costume. What about the working moms who are juggling their home, family and kids? As much as I would like to craft my own costumes, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Rather than point […]

Trick or Treat Spending on the Rise, Frightening Frugal Way to Have Boo-tiful Halloween

Happy autumn everyone! Now that back-to-school shopping has subsided, people start planning for the holiday season. Some reports show that Halloween is now the second most expensive holiday after Christmas but most people overlook the holiday when it comes to budgeting for expenses. As families feel the weight of the US economy more and more, […]