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Save big on your tax refund this year
Tax Refund: 5 Good vs. Better Ways to Use It
If you're receiving a tax refund this year, we have some suggestions on how you can use your refund to advance your financial outlook instead of wasting it.
Gift card replacement is a real thing
Gift Card Replacement: Is this Real?
It may seem too good to be true but if you lose a gift card and can prove your had it, then most merchants offer gift card replacement free of charge.
Giving Charity Gift Cards for Presents Lets Recipients Donate to Their Favorite Causes

Start a new tradition this Christmas and give the gift of giving by buying charity gift cards for your loved ones that gives them the opportunity to protect their favorite endangered species, feed starving children, protect abused animals, or to even help fund an international opera. At first glance these cards look like traditional gift […]

Scam Alert: Don’t Become a Victim of a Gift Card Scam

Gift card scams in the US is a very big deal. According to the Mercator Advisory Group, in 2012 US consumers loaded $112.3 billion on gift cards. With the advancement of technology, thieves now have the upper hand in creating and executing different methods of the traditional gift card scam. Gift Card Scam # 1 […]

Find cash flow with these alternatives to credit cards
Students Have Alternatives To Credit Cards
If you're worried your college student will run up credit card debt, these alternatives to credit cards may help everyone avoid problems with debt.
How To Save Money While Dining Out

We’ve all done it before – spending way more money at a fine dining establishment or upscale cafe than we should have. While this can be fun, and reasonable to do once every so often, heading to high-priced eateries on a regular basis can lead to considerable dents in your wallet. Regardless of whether you’re […]

Saving Experiment: Items you should and shouldn’t buy on eBay

I am an avid eBay shopper.  In order to live within my means and still get the things that I want, I take my online shopping to eBay!  eBay is a great website for people like myself who cannot afford and should not spend $200 on a watch or a $100 on a new vacuum, […]

5 Step Plan for Post Holiday Shopping

The holidays are over, but many consumers are still out in the stores, taking advantage of the post holiday sales. While there are plenty of deals to be had, you need to make sure that you’re not throwing away your frugality for a quick sales fix. Here’s some post holiday shopping tips to help you […]

Beware of Gift Card Fees

Not everyone enjoys shopping – the crowds, the time it takes to check out and the hassle of trying to find the perfect gift for a variety of people with differing tastes. That’s why gift cards are so convenient. There are two types of gift cards. The first is the retail gift card, which is […]