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Gas Prices Continue to Climb toward $4 a Gallon: Ways to Save Money

By Jeffrey Strain The price of gasoline continues to rise, reaching an average of $3.61 a gallon this week, up almost 5 cents from last week according to the most recent gas survey from Lundberg Survey Inc. This is the highest that gas has been since July 26, 2013, although the average price is about […]

5 Tips to Battle Gas Prices

This year gas prices started to rise earlier than expected. Usually, they increase at the end of the spring just before the summer vacation season. However, as a result of speculation and a high demand for oil, this year gas prices spiked early. According to the AAA Motor Club’s Fuel Gauge Report, the national average […]

Save On Gas Without Sacrificing Fun

No matter in what state you live or how much you drive, gas prices could hit your wallet hard if you don’t change your driving habits. It’s smart to plan ahead before your finances are in trouble. The national average for gas is $4 a gallon, up from 3.28 a gallon at the beginning of […]

How much holiday shopping do you plan on doing?

The holiday season is right around the corner and many consumers across the country may already be getting a head start on purchasing gifts for their friends and family. Recent polls suggest that holiday spending is likely to go up this year on a per-person basis, but that overall, the number of consumers who will […]

Summer airfares are taking off
2011 Airfares are Taking Off!
Summer travel looks to be more expensive this summer, particularly if you plan to fly. We explain three key reasons why airfares are higher this year.
Holiday Travelers Getting Hit at the Pump

If you were planning on skipping on airfare this holiday and using your car instead, be aware that gas prices are on the rise. Although the oil supplies are plentiful and gasoline demand has gone down since September, retail gas prices are rising because oil prices are at the highest levels since October 2008. Over […]