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Cool DIY Tips for a Hot Summer Wedding
10 cool do-it-yourself tips for a hot summer wedding from destination wedding photography -- Pixan to help keep you, your guests and budget happy.
6 Frugal Travel Tips For Summer Vacations

June 21st will kick off the official start of summer and like millions of other Americans, I’d bet that you are planning to enjoy a summer vacay!  Below is a list of helpful and frugal tips to help you get the most bang for your buck on your 2011 summer vacation. 1. Use those travel […]

It’s Up To You To Save Money on Gas

As gas prices start to inch up to nearly $4.00 a gallon, we are all feeling the effects on our budget. Check out these frugal tips for saving money on gas costs. Fill up your tank during the coolest parts of the day. This is the time when the gas is most dense. And if […]

Six Frugal Holiday Shopping Tips

1.       Look for price-matching policies. Some merchants will match, or even beat, a competitor’s prices.  Walmart, Best Buy and Target definitely offer price matching.  Shop around to see if your favorite retailer does as well. 2.       Go online. Retailers are offering exclusive deals and sales only online this year.  With a few easy clicks you […]

4 Frugal Tips for The Thanksgiving Holiday

The holiday season is officially here! Thanksgiving is exactly nine days away, Black Friday is exactly 10 days away and Christmas is a little more than six weeks away! So, that being said and with the intention of helping you prepare for a fun and frugal Thanksgiving holiday, I have compiled a short list of  helpful frugal […]