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Upscale Home Décor on a Millennial Budget

Step away from the saucer chair and there won’t be any trouble. You’re well-educated, tech-savvy and three internships away from taking over the world. Why are you still sleeping on a fold-up metal futon? If your answer has anything to do with budget, or a lack thereof, then it’s time to put misinformation to rest. […]

Five Financial Tips for New College Grads

With diplomas in hand and caps thrown in the air, graduation signifies the end of one unforgettable chapter and the beginning of a new journey. What’s important for students to consider with graduation is that there is a new level of independence and financial responsibility to attend to. From finding a new place to live […]

Men vs. Women: Who’s Better at Managing Money?

When it comes to money management, men and women seem to come from two different planets. While women prefer to save and learn about finances, men are more interested in investments and entrepreneurship. The question is: who is better at managing money, men or women? There is not an absolute answer to this question, but […]