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4 Reasons You Need a Housing Counselor
Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a homeowner who needs to avoid foreclosure a HUD-certified housing counselor should be your best friend.
3 Steps to Take After a Credit Score Killer

Millions of Americans struggle with bad credit scores – and it seems like there’s nothing they can do. Unforeseen circumstances like a medical emergency or the loss of a job can lead to huge financial hardships. From credit collection accounts to foreclosures and short sales, a consumer’s credit score can be lowered drastically. This will […]

Is it Better to Buy or Rent in this Troubled Economy

Many people struggle over the choice between buying and renting a home, and with foreclosures and upside down mortgages (owing the bank more than the house is worth) prevalent in the news opting for one or the other has become more difficult. On the one hand buying could be the right way to go because […]