Why Retired Women Are More Prone To Financial Crisis
Retired women are more prone to financial crisis than men. But there are steps women can take to have a financially successful retirement.
Establish Your Personal Financial Plan

When you hear people encourage you to develop a “financial plan” it can sound dry and boring. This is probably why many people put off developing a set of goals until much later in life. The problem with this is that by then, they may not have realized all of the lost opportunities for saving, […]

Simple Ways to Build Good Credit

Having good credit is one of the cornerstones of maintaining a solid financial profile. Your credit standing will be used in part to determine your eligibility for loans and credit lines, tenancy, employment prospects and depending on the state you live in, auto insurance rates. So whether you’re trying to establish credit for the first […]

Four ways to find cash

When you’re counting quarters at the coffee shop to pay for your morning latte, you may think you’ve hit a new financial low. But what if you had a secret money stash that you never knew existed? The good news is, you do! Finding new ways to save and better utilizing what you have can […]

Simple ways to be happier with your financial situation

One of the top sources of stress many people cite relates to their financial situations. When you’re facing debt, low savings or struggling to make ends meet each month, being happy or comfortable with your standing is difficult. Not only that, but being complacent about these issues can be harmful to your future. On a […]

Three financial tasks to carry out this summer

Summer marks the midway point of 2013, and there is no better time to do a quickly check-up on your financial progress. Typically, consumers spend more during the summer months on new clothing, road trips, vacations and outdoor events, so conducting a review of your money situation can not only help you make more informed […]

Finding the perfect (affordable) dress for New Year’s Eve

It’s the end of another year and time to say goodbye to the negative events (breakups, job loss, money problems) of the past year and look forward the great opportunities next year has to offer (promotions, new experiences, financial independence). So when the clock strikes midnight and you prepare for the year ahead, what better […]