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Why Are Teens Horrible When It Comes to Dealing with Finances

A lot of people have made bad financial decisions, but teenagers are definitely guilty of making mistakes with money as they have no real understanding of the value of money or money management. As parents, it is up to us to teach them the proper responsibilities that come with both spending and making money. Here […]

What’s Your Money Mindset?

Joe John Duran, author of “The Money Code,” invites readers to understand how to be financially successful by thinking about behavior patterns instead of external factors. Readers can learn to navigate the complex world of finance by reflecting on daily decisions and discovering their money mindsets. I want to share the following content from “The […]

Have You Fallen into these Three Common Spending Traps?

You vowed to only buy one book, but before you know it, you are walking out of the door with three. But it was buy two, get one free, right? Wrong. You have just fallen into a common spending trap that encourages you to spend more than you planned and break your carefully formulated budget. […]