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Which financial expert would you choose?
Are You Biased When Choosing Financial Experts?
A study finds people often choose a financial expert based solely on appearance, but this could be bad for your budget and your retirement goals.
Risk, Like Beauty, Is In the Eye of the Beholder: How to assess your own risk level

By Tim McCarthy It always has amazed me how differently people think about what is risky vs. what is safe. Some international investors find currency trading not so risky; yet feel that stocks are too risky to invest in. Some Americans think even the higher quality Growth Countries are too risky to consider and believe […]

How the Recession Has Changed Retirement Planning

The economy may be recovering, but some of the changes brought on by the Great Recession may be long-lasting. If you are planning for retirement, (and you should be!) you need to take these changes into account. Only 14 percent of Americans say they are very confident they’ll have the money to live comfortably in […]