Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Harrowing
A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween.This guide contains a wealth of tips to help keep your family safe during this age old and fun-filled holiday.
Introduce Your Kids To The Family Business This Summer

If you own a business and have kids, hire them for the summer. Not only will it keep them occupied, it is a perfect opportunity to integrate them into the family business. Henry Hutcheson, president of Family Business USA outlines the valuable lessons they will learn.

Moms in the workforce (and dads) struggle to find balance
Moms in the Workforce: How to balance work, home and the kids
Striking the right work-life balance can be tough, but moms in the workforce can take these steps to find balance without letting anything slide.
Finding the right work-life balance
And You Thought Your Work-Life Balance Was Difficult…
Achieving work-life balance may seem impossible, but this CEO and father of quadruplets explains how he made it happen and how you can, too.
Preparing your finances for a baby

Whether parents are welcoming their first child into the world or a second or third, planning for the costs of a baby requires time and attention. From clothing and diapers to furniture and medical costs, the expenses associated with raising a newborn can be high. However, similar to saving money for other life events, the […]

Are You Teaching Your Children Responsible Personal Money Management?

The following is a guest post by one of our personal finance expert friends. In this post, Cary Siegel gives his take on managing money as a parent. By: Cary Siegel As a parent of five teenagers, it feels like all I do every day is teach my kids lessons. These lessons span a wide […]

Perfect Plan for a Summer Retreat

  Summer is right around the corner. The kids are off from school, the weather is sunny and warm and everyone is looking forward to a relaxing vacation. Summer has become almost synonymous with beaches and sunshine not to mention the hefty price tag. While planning a summer beach resort vacation may not fit into […]

Children lower your taxes to save money
8 Ways Children Lower Your Taxes
Kids are expensive, but there's one way that can help save your money. We explain the eight ways children lower your taxes to get you a bigger refund.
5 Tips to Improve your Finances Before your Baby Arrives

Having a baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but are you prepared?  Being a parent is hard work and before the baby arrives you want to make sure that you are financially stable. Building a sound financial framework involves several steps such as eliminating debt and creating a budget as well as […]

Have Less Stressful and Less Expensive Holiday Season

  No matter how much you love the holidays or how well you’ve planned, if you’re like most people you’ll find yourself frazzled at times. You may find yourself searching for the perfect gift, trying to create an impressive dinner for guests or scrambling to put up holiday decorations.   The best gift you can give […]

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Financial Heat

  Your bank account is nearly empty, you have bills to pay, and it’s the holiday season. Your head is thumping from the stress and you still have gifts to buy and a holiday party to plan for in just a couple weeks. Americans all over the country are facing the same dismal financial reality. […]

Should You Invest in Life Insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to provide a source of income, in case of your death, for your children, dependents, or other beneficiaries. Whether you need to buy life insurance depends on whether anyone is depending on your income. If you have a spouse, child, parent, or some other individual who depends on your […]