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10 Tips for Financial Spring Cleaning
We offer 10 financial spring cleaning tips so you can adjust your budget, find ways to cut costs and get your finances ready for summer and the two biggest shopping seasons at the end of the year. Are your finances ready?
Homeowners Flood Insurance: Are You Getting Short Changed

Many homeowners who have been faced with terrible hurricane damages find that their flood insurance checks are not large enough to cover the damages and needed repairs. According to many public adjusters, a lot of private adjusters are new, inexperienced, and are hired on only to assist insurance providers during the storm season. With no […]

Financial Preparation Tips for Hurricane Season and Disaster Planning

Hurricane Season is still running its course as we head into mid-July. Currently, Tropical Storm Chantal (in the Atlantic and Caribbean) and Tropical Storm Erick (in the Eastern Pacific) are on the National Hurricane Center’s radar. Whether or not the two storms affect your particular state, it’s important to prepare for hurricanes and other disasters. […]

Hurricane Cleanup Tips to Make the Process Quick and Safe

Hurricane Irene has come and gone and the cleanup begins. With the 2011 hurricane season in full force you need to be prepared. The stress of post storm cleanup can be overwhelming. Here are some short term tips you can follow to make your hurricane cleanup as hassle-free as possible: Be Cautious. If you are […]