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Credit Unions vs. Banks: Is it Time to Make a Switch?

So many Americans are fed up with huge multi-million dollar banks charging them to store their money and are now debating if they should bank with a different bank or different type of financial institution all together like a credit union. With credit unions offering no fees for their services, people are seriously considering switching […]

Treasury Launches Tax Refund Debit Cards to Stop Rapid Refunds and High Cost Loans

Are you in a low income bracket and don’t have access to a bank? Well the government is trying to help out by issuing tax refunds in the form of debit cards. The Treasury Department is going to send out 600,000 letters to consumers, giving them the opportunity to take part in a pilot program […]

Receive a Faster Refund with Direct Deposit

The New Year has arrived, which means . . . it’s tax time!   This year, do you want your refund faster? Have it deposited directly into your bank account. More taxpayers are choosing direct deposit as the way to receive their federal tax refunds. More than 61 million people had their tax refunds deposited directly […]