Summer is Almost Over, but You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye to that Desired Summer Vacation

At the rate it’s going, by the time you blink your eyes, the sun will set on summer and vacations will be out of the question for many. While time might be the negating factor that’s preventing a summer vacation, for others it’s money or a little bit of both. For those who want to […]

Is your City Coupon-Savvy? You’ll Never Guess Which City Is Savviest

When we hear of a coupon clipper, most of our minds instinctively gravitate towards poor, low income or elderly – not to a city where the average household income is over $75,000.  And, when we hear of San Francisco, the natural connection is with an expensive city, high standard of living and the iconic Golden […]

The ridiculously simple way to save on everything

By Charles Passy George Costanza has nothing on me. Sure, the hapless “Seinfeld” character (played by Jason Alexander) may have gained a measure of fame — or infamy, depending on how you view it — for his “double dipping .” But I’m a quadruple-down kinda guy myself. Costanza was literally diving his hand into the […]

Money saving strategies for single parents
Money-Saving Strategies for Single Moms & Dads
Single parents often struggle to make ends meet with only one income to support the household. These money saving strategies can improve your budget.
Ways To Save Money On Your Dry Cleaning

Professional dry cleaning bills can be quite costly, and if you are of the many American’s that make regular weekly drop off and pick up trips to the cleaners, then you are draining your finances. Rather than giving it up, here are a few budget-friendly tips that you should follow to save on your monthly […]

Frugal and Fierce: How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season and the holiday season means heavy spending and perhaps overspending. But as Halloween draws near, it is hard to believe that an average Halloween costume for a child costs close to $30. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans will spend $2.6 billion on costumes this […]

Save Money On Back To School Clothes

With the new school year just weeks away for millions of students, parents across the country may be scrambling to buy their children new outfits for their first day. Many people opt to use their credit cards when shopping during these hectic times, as swiping their plastic gets them in and out of the store […]

10 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Planning your weekly trip to the grocery when trying to stay within a certain budget can sometime be a tedious task. But with proper planning, and following these 10 easy steps, we promise to keep you with food in your kitchen and money in your pocket. 1. Proper Planning Before you visit the grocery store, […]

Look And Feel Fabulous on a Dime

The New Year is here and everyone wants to look and feel their best while they accomplish their resolutions. The problem is that between gym memberships, eating organically and adopting a new wardrobe, your available funds might not match with your health, wellness and beauty goals. The good news is that with a little creative […]

How To Save Money While Dining Out

We’ve all done it before – spending way more money at a fine dining establishment or upscale cafe than we should have. While this can be fun, and reasonable to do once every so often, heading to high-priced eateries on a regular basis can lead to considerable dents in your wallet. Regardless of whether you’re […]

Rising temperatures may mean rising food prices too
Rising Temperatures to Lead to Rising Food Prices?
Global climate change may affect more than just water levels and temperature. We may see rising food prices at the grocery store, too.
Extreme Couponing: K-Cup Edition

by Sijun Li By now, you’ve probably heard of those awesome little coffee cups known as the K-Cup. These single-serving coffee cups are easy and convenient to use – and there’s no mess to clean up! Who has the time to measure and grind up coffee beans in the morning when they’re half asleep? While […]

Have You Fallen Into These Three Common Spending Traps?

 by April Lewis-Parks You vowed to only buy one book, but before you know it, you are walking out the door with three. But it was buy two, get one free, right? Wrong. You have just fallen into a common spending trap that encourages you to spend more than you planned and break your carefully […]

7 Frugal Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Living

In today’s economy people are constantly looking for ways to cut back on spending. Oddly enough, it’s the things we don’t even think twice about that seem to really add up to a huge chunk of our budget.  Do you sit and wonder where all your hard earned money went and why you keep emptying […]

We help you save big on pet expenses
8 Ways to Save on Pet Expenses
You love your pets, but you don't want to allow high-cost pet care items, toys and food to get the best of your budget. We help you save on pet expenses.
Smartphone apps help you save money
How to Save Money by using Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps don't just give you an easy way to kill time. These 10 apps will help you save money so you can stay on budget and avoid debt problems.
Group-Buying Made Easy with Dealery

Love daily deals but don’t have time to visit every site and read every email? Dealery  ( aggregates daily deals from numerous group buying and deal sites and brings them together in one place. Groupon and Living Social have redefined the way a lot of businesses draw in new customers, but there are now so […]

Saving Experiment: Items you should and shouldn’t buy on eBay

I am an avid eBay shopper.  In order to live within my means and still get the things that I want, I take my online shopping to eBay!  eBay is a great website for people like myself who cannot afford and should not spend $200 on a watch or a $100 on a new vacuum, […]

24 Ways to Start Living the Frugal Life

1.      Clip coupons – Check out daily for the latest and BEST coupons for groceries, clothes and many other essentials! 2.      Eat out less – Although eating out is fun, requires no cooking skills, and leaves you with no dirty dishes at the end of the meal, it can be expensive.  Plan out your […]

15 Ways to Save Money Every Day

It’s great to look at the large picture when saving money – 401k, retirement funds and stocks – but you can also focus on the small stuff every day to save more money and keep yourself financially fit. This doesn’t mean you have to be cheap; but it will take some discipline and a prudent […]