“The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing”
Want to save money on everyday essentials? This Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing shows you how to become an expert to reap the ultimate savings reward.
You can save money without going crazy with extreme couponing
Extreme Couponing Isn’t All That Extreme
You may think you have to go crazy with extreme couponing if you really want to save money, but the truth is you can get great deals without getting crazy.
Is your City Coupon-Savvy? You’ll Never Guess Which City Is Savviest

When we hear of a coupon clipper, most of our minds instinctively gravitate towards poor, low income or elderly – not to a city where the average household income is over $75,000.  And, when we hear of San Francisco, the natural connection is with an expensive city, high standard of living and the iconic Golden […]

Take advantage of money saving apps
Money Saving Apps that are Easy and Free
Smartphone apps do more than just help you kill time. These five money saving apps can help you avoid overspending that leads to debt problems.
Publix coupon policy has changed
Keeping You in The Know: Publix Coupon Policy Changes
if you do your grocery shopping at Publix, then you should take note of these key Publix coupn policy changes so you can keep saving and avoid paying more.
Daily Deals are Dead, Long Live Coupons

Recently, the newspaper headlines have been stating that daily deal sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, aren’t practical, cause impulse buying and encourage people to spend more money. Instead, they’ve been encouraging consumers to get back to their couponing roots, where you can save money on the essentials that you’re buying. They’re right, daily deal sites […]