Woman thinking what to buy with her credit card
Is the Afterpay payment method good for your wallet?
Afterpay is popular with Millennials because you can make large purchases in small installments. But is it good for your finances? Read about the pros and cons, plus tips for affording the luxury you want without a payment plan.
What to Buy Now at Great Prices!

Spring is almost here! Now is the time that many items can be found at bargain prices.  Most items that will be found will be tied to either season – the end of winter or the beginning of spring.  From winter’s last stock to spring’s colorful new merchandise; here are some tips on what to […]

Being Cheap Doesn’t Always Save You Money

It’s great to save money, be frugal and occasionally cut corners to keep your financial status in a healthy state. But sometimes being cheap can cost you, especially when you’re sacrificing or ignoring important components in your life that require attention, regardless of the price. Here is a list of things that can erode your […]

Turn Last Year’s Style into the New Year’s Trend!

We are known to give frugal tips and advice at the Miss Money Bee blog as it relates to necessities, like groceries or saving money on your utility bill.  But, people (and when I say people, I mean me) don’t want to always focus on the hum-drum part budgeting. Instead, I want to have fun […]