Giving Charity Gift Cards for Presents Lets Recipients Donate to Their Favorite Causes

Start a new tradition this Christmas and give the gift of giving by buying charity gift cards for your loved ones that gives them the opportunity to protect their favorite endangered species, feed starving children, protect abused animals, or to even help fund an international opera. At first glance these cards look like traditional gift […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your 2012 Tax Return

By Rick Rodgers, CFP Every year, our politicians talk about the need to simplify the tax code and every year they make it more complex. The average taxpayer will spend an estimated 23 hours completing their return. Eighty percent of taxpayers will hire someone to do the work, or buy tax software, even though 64 […]

Be thankful for what you have on Thanksgiving
5 Ways to Give More and Be Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving
You don't have to spend money to make Thanksgiving special. We have some easy ideas on how to give more and be thankful without breaking the bank.