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How Much Should You Have in Emergency Savings?
Emergency savings is essential to cover unexpected expenses like home and car repairs, as well as to give you a financial safety net in case you lose your job or can’t work due to a medical emergency. But how much should you have in emergency savings and how much do average Americans actually save?
Research of the Week: Is Mobile Banking Better?
Millennials are the first to jump on new technology that makes their lives easier, but a new survey finds they also may be the first to dump tech that doesn’t perform like they expect. This survey shows the problems with our current mobile banking experience.
How Much Should You Tip in 2017?
A new poll reveals credit card holders are some of the best tippers in the U.S., but how much should you tip in 2017? Who should you tip or not tip?.
Baby Boomers And Millennials May Share More Similarities In Workplace Than They Realize
Boomers and Millennials are often portrayed as not seeing eye to eye, but they may share more workplace sensibilities than most workers realize.
Achieve a selfie-worthy dream retirement
How to Achieve Your Dream Retirement
With all the news these days you may feel like your dream retirement is out of reach, but these 3 steps can put you on the path to retirement perfection.
Seniors take action to stay healthy
Do the Elderly Have to be Wealthy to Stay Healthy?
Healthcare costs for seniors are on the rise, but with fixed incomes Baby Boomers are having to find new ways to stay healthy without being wealthy.
Planning for an American Dream Retirement

By Ginny Grimsley ‘Financial Engineer’ Shares 4 Secrets Everyone Should Know It’s no wonder baby boomers worry about outliving their retirement savings. One out of four 65-year-olds today can expect to live past 90, and if they’re married, one of every four will live even longer. With 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day, it’s a […]