Affordable Care Act

What the Affordable Care Act means for your healthcare costs and insurance.

Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare) was a landmark piece of legislation that has forever changed how Americans get insured and cover their healthcare costs. It was designed to help Americans cut high healthcare costs that often lead to medical debt, but some opponents believe it may actually drive costs up. We have the latest on the Affordable Care Act here.

Benefits of The Affordable Health Care Act
We explain everything you need to know about the Affordable Car Act and how it works to provide affordable health care services to all Americans.
The government shutdown could impact key services
Government Shutdown: What Does This Mean To You
The government shutdown will not only affect government employees. It could also affect you if you use one of these federal services or benefit programs.
Health care mandate is designed to cut medical bills
Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Mandate
In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has upheld the health care mandate delivered by the Affordable Care Act. What does it mean for you?