Planning a Personal Budget
Are You Afraid of Outliving Your Retirement Savings?
Many Americans fear they won’t have enough money to live comfortably during retirement. We explain how avoid outliving your retirement savings.
End of Year Financial Tips
As we approach New Year, it’s time to get your finances organized for 2018. Consolidated Credit offers end of year financial tips to help you get started.
5 Essential Finance Tips for High School Seniors
Early start in personal finance leads to financially independent adults. Amber Westover shares 5 tips to help high school seniors gain financial confidence.
Infographic: Retirement Checkpoints
One of Americans biggest fears is outliving their money. Here are some key milestones you should be hitting on your road to retirement.
Retiring out of state is within your reach
3 Tips for Retiring Out of State to Save Money
if you have big plans to pick up roots and move after retirement, realize it could cost you if you don't plan carefully for retiring out of state.
Key retirement account deadlines you can't afford to miss
Don’t Miss These Year-End Retirement Account Deadlines
Miss Money Bee helps ensure your retirement plan stays on the right track with key retirement account deadlines you need to know for this year.
401(k) mistakes could put your retirement at risk
Four 401(k) Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
Saving for retirement is key but if you make one of these 401(k) mistakes then you could setyour retirement plans back from reaching your golden years.
Don't be a financial fool today or any other day
Don’t Be a Financial Fool
A financial fool spends more than they need to, uses up assets for the wrong reasons and ends up making debt problems worse with bad solutions.
Enrich your retirement plan
3 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Enrich Your Retirement
These three resolutions will help you enrich your retirement plan so you can reach your golden years with a solid budget and without a lot of excess debt.
Retirement planning for millennials
Retirement Planning for Millennials
Most retirement strategies focus on those nearing retirement. We have some helpful advice for retirement planning for Millennials so you can start now.
Maximize your retirement benefits
5 Tips to Maximize Your Retirement Benefits
If you want to ensure you don't outlive your retirement nest egg, take these five steps to ensure you can maximize your retirement benefits effectively.
Women take the lead in retirement fund planning
Women, don’t wait to start a retirement fund!
Calling all women! We're leaders in household budgeting and business, but we're still behind on starting an effective retirement fund to reach your goals.
What a waste of cash
4 Services that are a Total Waste of Cash
Some financial resources you can't live without, but these four services are a waste of cash that you can lose and do it yourself to save some serious cash.
Hit the budget reset button
Time to Push the Budget Reset Button
If you haven't reviewed your budget and you're turning more and more to credit to cover cash flow gaps, it may be time to hit the budget reset button.
Retirement planning tips help you get organized
Retirement Planning Tips to Implement Sooner Rather than Later
Planning ahead for retirement is critical if you want to retire on time. Here are five retirement planning tips you just can't afford to miss.
Make sure your 401k plan is on track
Is Your 401k Plan Costing You Money?
Planned changes to service charges on 401k plans could end up costing you money if you don't understand how the changes impact your investment.